#WinnerWednesday: If You Didn’t Win The PCH SuperPrize, Read This!

Greetings, fans and friends – and Happy #WinnerWednesday!

Last Friday, PCH awarded the life-changing SuperPrize of $5,000 A Week “Forever” to Jo-Ann Snyder of Wilkes-Barre, PA. While we’re all thrilled for our latest PCH winner, chances are you may be a bit disappointed that this amazing prize didn’t go to you.

Well, fans and friends, don’t hang your heads in despair! Because PCH gives away prizes constantly! And while you can always dream about winning the Big Money, Publishers Clearing House awards smaller prizes every day. And here are three lucky winners who can vouch for that!

PCH Prize Winner Maria D.

Maria D. (pictured above, who sent me both her photo and her check as proof of winning) says, “I LOVE PCH! I play every day! I received a $100 check from PCH, and will use the money to buy a new computer monitor. Thank you so much! The check helped me a lot, even though it’s small.”

As of this writing, Maria has banked 138,291,933 tokens, and her favorite way to enter is through pch.com/sweepstakes.

PCH Prize Winner Carolyn G.

Congratulations to Carolyn G. of Harper, TX who just won $15,000 from Gwy. #9631! PCH Prize Patrol member Howie flew out to Texas to surprise Carolyn at home. Carolyn has been playing for a long time and was totally shocked when she opened her front door! She and her husband are both retired and they plan to use her winning to pay bills, get new cell phones and take a vacation! Their 37th wedding anniversary just recently passed. Now it’s time to celebrate!

PCH Prize Winner Hazel B.



Hazel B. of Cleveland, OH won $25,000 from PCH Giveaway #10254. Way to go, Hazel! Check out the PCH Fan Page on Facebook for more winning moments like Hazel’s!

Whether it’s $100 … $15,000 … $25,000 … whatever the amount, PCH makes dreams big and small come true for fans and friends like you. You’ve just got to be persistent, positive and patient … and maybe one day, you’ll be a PCH winner, too!

Just enter every day in every way you can – because if you don’t enter, you can’t win! Why not start right now by clicking the “Enter Now!” button at the upper right hand corner of this blog page!

Good luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve won a PCH prize – no matter what the amount – comment below by writing “I am a PCH winner!” Or tweet us by using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday. Who knows? You just might appear in a #WinnerWednesday blog like this one!


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  1. I am so glad that for y’all who won.God is so good and I know God Bless each and everyone! I hope to win too I just had back surgery and could really use the money.May God Bless Y’all

  2. Never going to give. Up.. I’m going to hold my head up high!! I hear so much that PCH.. is a scam. I find myself defending you guys, because I know better. I have been watching the show since the eighties when I was younger.. So I say that to say this….. I’m a believer….!! Ready up Mr. Prize patrol….. Schedule that trip sir!!!!!😎

  3. I am trying everything o try to be a WINNER. I pray every night for my brother an to be a WINNER. And of course not givingUP,

  4. Please, My Family needs to win I’m very low income disabled diabetic would love to win anything PCH. Played since 87

  5. Congratulations to all the Winners!!👍🎈🎉 God is an Awesome God! Each and everyone of you deserved being Winners! I know in my Heart all of ya’ll played and entered a lot! My Grandmother passed away in 1984 playing PCH Sweepstakes since ordering Magazines in 1954. When the games were presented I used to watch her spread out all the Magazine pages and finding where to place her stamps. I can remember just like it was yesterday her licking all the stamps,to put in the right place. Although she never won it was such a Joy to watch and her wait for the PCH Envelope to come in the mail. It was the High Light of an old woman’s week! She always was patient and told me it was not all about the Winning it was about the people at PCH who made it possible for her to fill up her days without my Paw Paw. She was a Wonderful Grandmother and I s miss those days watching her full of anticipation! She made me promise to continue Playing PCH and I have since she left this world in 1984 to be woth my Paw Paw. Again, Congratulations! Well let me get back to entering and Crossing my fingers for the next Big Win in June!👍

  6. It’s really nice to come to a site to see and congratulate the winners of PCH!!! I hope to be on this amazingly lucky list very soon, and am SO grateful to know that there are great companies based on integrity, and uber generosity.. I look forward to turning my life completely around from the constant stress, anxiety, frustration, and overwhelming financial struggle, into also helping other”s transform their live’s into a peaceful, happy, healthy, and fun life. This is my dream for the future.. Paying it forward.. When I win, I l will finally be able to support PCH, and return the gracious life changing favor, and give them the ongoing business they SO deserve, to help keep up the GREAT work, and their kind. giving, and generous mentality.. Thanks SO much PCH for ALL that you do to fulfill the dreams of SO many, in a fun, and creative way… Cassandra

    1. Remember it is not all about winning. It is about the hard work everyone at PCH does to just give people the Joy of Anticipation. My Grandmother always told me Patience is a Virtue! I just wish she was around to see how far the Publishing Company has come. She passed away in 1984 still playing from 1956. She would be in Hog Heaven playing the Wonderful Games that have had some absolute Geniuses that create the Awesome Games today! Kudos to the PCH people behind the scenes!!

  7. Please come see me Dave Todd Danielle Howie Debrah Holland Michael Collins I have a story like no other inittowinit 4/27/18

  8. Even if I am never a winner on PCH, I I am so grateful for a sweepstakes that is not a scam and gives hard-working middle-class families hope for a life-changing amount of money! Even when I don’t when I love seeing the videos of people having something so wonderful happening to them! And it always seems that it happens just in the nick of time! In the world we live in today, middle-class families are struggling more than ever, and a little bit of hope goes a long way!Thank you to PCH, for putting Hope in so many hearts of Americans!
    Jamie B, in Luckey Ohio