A Fantastic February For Wonderful PCHSearch&Win’ners

What a month! February may only account for 28 days on the calendar, but when it comes to a month in winning, February sure packs a lot of pop! In fact, February was downright record-setting for Publishers Clearing House!

You’re automatically entered to win the SuperPrize with your first search of the day

More Winners In One Month Than Ever!

Yes, that is correct! What February lacks in longevity it made up for with winners. February 23 was extra special as it was both “Forever” prize day and PCH Day. In just 24 little hours, PCH awarded $5,000 A Week “Forever” to Joann S. of Wilkes Barre, PA and more than 106,000 PCH fans won a combined total of nearly SIX MILLION DOLLARS!!! Fortunately for the Prize Patrol, they only had to make one delivery!
But enough about us, let’s talk about YOU!

You Can Always Count On PCHSearch&Win

 Day in, day out, every day is a prize day at PCHSearch&Win  and that makes for quite a lot of winners­ — more than 425 just in the month of February! Following are just some of the amazing PCHSearch&Win’ners that were celebrated in February.

That’s thousands of dollars worth of cash and prizes given away just for exploring the world with PCHSearch&Win . And with even more prizes slotted for March, April, May, and so on, it seems we’ll have many months in winning to come.

Want to see your name on the list next month? Keep searching!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Were you a #PCHWinner in February? If so, go to the new #PCHWinner page at the PCH Fan Page on Facebook and use one of the custom #PCHWinner photo frames to share your news with the world!

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  1. A Barb Washington contact me stating. I won 2.5 million for 3rd place.Then a James Micmillon called me.In order for my winnings I pay a small sum for a Donation?????

  2. I want to claim my entry for the Millionaire Making prize alert, Gwy No’s 8035,8184,6900,8800,11000,10424,10078,10074. Thank You. I claim ownership to this Prize number. I declare full acceptance to Win Millionaire Making prize alert eligibility. Should I be selected the Winner the Prize Patrol will be coming to my residence with a Big Check to make me a Millionaire Yes. Yes I want to Win!!


  4. My phone is shot again. We would love to win. I have all the here. First pay them all. Buy a house. Get every G-Kid money for school. St Judea. Our investments. Plant some flowers my wife..

  5. Claim my entry to win the millionaire making prize alert from publishers clearing house please?#8035#8184 #6900#8800#1100 #11371#11361#10424#10078#11018 is a lot no #180309000282 #18375 my page in The corner bottom Got PL999 TW726 I have try so much an it let me in to claim all name marisol echevarria I trying to confirmed I and VIP elite I need help please thank you