Win Money LIVE On Today’s Father’s Day Episode of Inside PCH!

It’s almost summer, and what better way to celebrate the great weather than to also celebrate some winning on today’s episode of Inside PCH! Inside PCH is our weekly live show on Facebook where we give you behind-the-scenes access to Publishers Clearing House! Your hosts are Prize Patrol members Danielle and Howie, and they love nothing more than to share footage from Prize Patrol deliveries and to announce brand-new winners during each and every show!

So it’s also almost Father’s Day, and whether it’s playing golf, cards or  games on the computer, I think we can all agree that all dads love a good game! So to celebrate your “Best Dad Ever,” on this week’s Inside PCH we’ll be covering three different games that Dad is sure to love!

We’ll tell you how you can try reeling in $50,000.00 with our Casting for Cash Sweepstakes, and tell you how you can call the shots when you play Speed Pool King!

Then we’ll announce some $500.00 winners from our PCH Cash Quiz plus opportunities for Danielle and Howie to give you a quick Facebook shout out!

I don’t know about you, but one of the traditions in my family is to give lotto scratch cards in a Father’s Day card. It’s just a fun little gift, but they always set you back a few bucks. Well in today’s show we’ll also talk about PCH Lotto Quick Cash Day, and our Lotto is always 100% FREE!

After that, Howie and Danielle will commentate on our footage of recent winner Gloria Guzman. We’ll have info on our Win It All Prize, and of course we’ll visit the famous Prize Wheel with our favorite Spin Doctor, Erica Zaragoza. She’ll announce right then and there what the extra prize is for that day’s $1,000.00 Weekly Insider winner!

All that, plus chances to win LIVE happen each and every week here on Inside PCH. Make sure you tune in today at 2pm EST to get in on the action!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. We really want to know – what sort of guests would you like to see on the show? Tell us in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to get them on!


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  1. ‘Happy Father’s Day ‘. If I win, I’d share with my family. I’m disabled and they help me so much. Love them dearly. Good luck to all playing.

  2. Happy ‘Fathers Day’. Wishing one and all good luck. I wish my Father was still with us to celebrate. If I won, I’d share with my family

  3. I believe that you guys surprise everyone of every type because i have seen it with my own eyes. That’s why i play the way i do. I know that IM IN IT TO WIN IT i also have this weird attraction with the website, and everyone that knows me knows too. I just cant wait to show all them why, and i feel someday it will happen.


  5. Thank you Matt K. We always give our dad a big hug and tell him we love him . he passed away 11 yrs ago ..he love pch never won but had a lot of fun trying . im Entering ..2006 .loyalty VIP ELITE . HAVING FIN .. DREAMING OF WINNING BIG ONE DAY . CONGRATS ALL PCH WINNERS… HOPE IM NEXT .SMILE. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. 💘