PCH Prize Patrol Always Hands Out A Treat – No Trick!

At Halloween time I am always reminded of the many times that the PCH Prize Patrol has arrived at a winner’s door and was greeted with “Oh no, this has got to be a trick.” There we are, standing right in front of the winner, with roses, balloons and a Big Check with his or […]

A Breathtaking Prize Patrol Delivery — In More Ways Than One

The PCH “winning moments” you see on TV are understandably brief, being compressed into commercials as short as 15 seconds.  So you cannot see everything that the Prize Patrol experiences when we make a “Big Check” delivery. On October 18 our assignment took us to El Paso, Texas – a bustling West Texas city right […]

Meet Fran Chargar, Our Newest PCH SuperPrize Winner

Many people think of “Friday the 13th” as a day to be avoided for reasons of bad luck or even worse — like you see in a horror movie.  But October 13th, 2017 is a day that one woman will never forget because it turned out to be one of the luckiest days of her […]

An Annual Prize Patrol Highlight: The PCH Giveback!

While every Prize Patrol award is a thrilling experience for us, there’s a special presentation that takes place every year that warms our collective heart and makes us proud to be part of a company with a long tradition of philanthropy.  That’s the PCH Giveback — when we present a Big Check to world-famous St. […]

Meet Jane Goodwin, Our Newest SuperPrize Winner!

We Prize Patrol’ers can’t remember a more exciting “winning moment” than the one we experienced with our newest SuperPrize winner –with a hundred other people plus countless Facebook “live” fans — on August 31st. We arrived at winner Jane Goodwin’s Boston area residence at 11 AM, but found only her husband at home. At first […]

The TV Talk Show Lives On With “Inside PCH”!

I just watched the latest episode of “Inside PCH” live on Facebook, and what fun it was!  For understandable reasons I love seeing my Prize Patrol colleagues Danielle and Howie “on the air” talking about all the adventures and goings-on at Publishers Clearing House — the great company I’ve been associated with for 36 years! […]