The Prize Patrol Has Seen A Lot!

There’s an insurance company running a lot of commercials claiming “We’ve seen almost everything” and “We’ve seen a thing or two.”  You’ve probably seen their TV spots. Funny thing is – we Prize Patrolers could make the same claims in our TV ads featuring PCH winning moments.  We’ve delivered close to a thousand Big Checks […]

Meet Jo Ann Snyder, Our Newest “Forever” Prize Winner

It was a cold, rainy day in Wilkes-Barre, PA last Friday; but that didn’t stop Jo Ann Snyder and her husband Michael from opening the door and stepping outside in their stocking feet.  Why?  Who should be knocking loudly to get their attention but (ta dah!) The PCH Prize Patrol!  And for anyone like Jo […]

How About Some Fair Weather Cheer?

How has your winter been so far — weather-wise?  Much of the country has experienced historically low temperatures, and millions have experienced blizzards, record rainfalls and natural disasters. All of this has not kept the Prize Patrol from going on the road to surprise lucky winners with Big Checks.  Plus — every week we present […]

PCH Prize Patrol Shares A Classic Winning Moment

If you saw “Inside PCH” on December 18, you saw a collection of “winning moments” from 2017 – and what a year it was!  In case you missed the LIVE edition of Inside PCH you can check it out on our PCH Fan Page on Facebook. But there was one “winning moment” among the recap’s […]

A Permanent Reminder of a Thrilling PCH “Winning Moment”

I recently saw my colleague Todd Sloane on our live Facebook Show “Inside PCH” (be sure to tune in Mondays at 2 PM, ET) talking about the early days of the PCH Prize Patrol.  It brought back winning moment memories of long-ago surprise visits to the homes of sweepstakes winners.  One memory in particular could […]

Meet Betty Patchett, Our Newest PCH Winner of $1 Million Plus!

What could be more exciting to receive three days before Christmas but a visit from Santa’s helpers — the PCH Prize Patrol! — with a Million Dollar SuperPrize! Well, Betty Patchett (from a little town in Michigan) can tell you!  Or maybe she can’t.  When asked how she felt at the “winning moment,” she turned […]