One Week Until We Open Someone’s Door…Will It Be Yours? #PCHOpeningDoors

Hi, everyone! I’m sure you’re all getting pretty excited that we will be awarding a GUARANTEED Win It All prize IN JUST ONE WEEK, huh?! I mean, it doesn’t really get much better than THAT! One lucky winner will be receiving $1 Million PLUS $1,000 A Week For Life PLUS a brand new car on […]

A Day In The Life Of Howie From The Prize Patrol!

Many of you probably saw the first installation of “A Day in The Life”, where my fellow colleague, Debbie K., told you all about a day in HER life! Well, as a second installment, we decided to see what a day in the life of cool-dude Prize Patroller, Howie Guja, is like! You’ve seen him […]

Financial Security FOR LIFE!

Say it out loud with me, folks…..FINANCIAL SECURITY!!!!! Yup, that’s something you can say proudly for the rest of your life if YOU are to be the winner of the guaranteed “Win It All” Prize on June 29th! I am so excited for the prize in particular because 1) It’s guaranteed to be awarded, which […]

Who’s Ready For A Chance To Win $1 Million PLUS $1,000 A Week For Life?

I can’t even begin to explain the excitement we have for our all new GUARANTEED WIN IT ALL PRIZE! Yes, people, you read that right. We want to introduce our new Win It All prize that’s guaranteed to be awarded on June 29th! Win, and you’ll receive $1 Million immediately, plus $1,000 A Week For […]

Just Who Will Be Our Big PCH Winner Today? Follow The Clues!

Today, April 27th, is one very special day! I’m sure most of you know why! Today, one very fortunate individual will join the PCH Winners Circle as the recipient of a life-changing $1 Million SuperPrize! WOW! We are SO excited because the Prize Patrol is on the road as we speak, adventuring to the winner’s […]

There’s ONE WEEK LEFT to enter the $7,000 A Week For Life Prize!

Hi, Folks! I have a pretty important announcement to make … are you ready? You sure? Are you POSITIVE? Okay, okay. Well, TODAY marks ONE WEEK LEFT TO ENTER for a chance to be in the running to win $7,000 A Week For Life in our Special Early Look prize event! I clearly cannot contain […]