PCH ‘Winning Moments’ last 20 years and more

On our recent PCH Prize Patrol trip to Texas to surprise Colette Wallace with a Big Check for $10,000, I found myself just a short distance away from the site of a “classic winning moment”: the home of John and Barbara Cotter, winners of a Million Dollar SuperPrize back in November 1990.  So a return […]

Sweepstakes Winners Get the Spotlight in PCH Commercials

Our recent TV campaign showed dozens of sweepstakes “winning moments” culled from our vast archives of videotaped Prize Patrol visits to winners’ doors. Some of my friends complained to me that they really didn’t see me; they only saw the back of my head. “Why didn’t they show your face, Dave?” they asked, referring — […]

Ultra Combo Prize $5000 A Week For Life PLUS $1Million Cash!

I just got back from shopping with my wife – at Costco. If you are not familiar with this chain it’s quite the place to stock up on huge quantities of virtually anything you can think of: food, clothing, household goods, health and beauty aids, appliances, even carpet and vacations. It works best for people […]

Just Like Big Checks from PCH, The Best Things In Life Are Free

Everyone loves a bargain. And for decades that’s what millions of people have found at Publishers Clearing House: unbeatable deals on a huge variety of magazine subscriptions and terrific prices on a wide range of great merchandise. To see those fantastic offers on some of our merchandise click here. But even better than a bargain […]

PCHSearch&Win Cash Giveaway: Fabulous Fall Cash Frenzy

The winds of change are howling though the halls of PCH. But do not fear, as many of these changes are bound to excite, especially for those you who frequent PCHSearch&Win where it’s easy to search and enter to win cash giveaway opportunities. What’s all the excitement about, you ask? The PCHSearch&Win blog is getting […]

The Big Check – A Super Sur-Prize Waiting At The Door

On many occasions the PCH Prize Patrol, big check in hand, has arrived at a winner’s home, knocked, and within seconds the door opens and we can tell from the gender of the person that THIS is NOT the winner. The startled person may get all excited and say something like, “Oh, my gosh, that’s […]