Don’t Miss Our National Go Fishing Day Sweepstakes!

Are you in it to win it? If yes, are you in it hook, line and sinker? Yes folks, it’s time to get your entries in for a chance to reel in a whopping $75,000.00 in our National Go Fishing Day Sweepstakes!  Be sure to enter today. Don’t let it become the one that got […]

Has Publishers Clearing House Had Winners From Your State? The Answer Is YES!

When it comes to awarding prizes, Publishers Clearing House knows no boundaries or borders! What do I mean by that? We’ve awarded prizes to people in every state in this great country, from coast to coast. Since all PCH prize winners are randomly selected, there is no telling if or when the next winner will […]

Let Us Know What You Think About The PCH Shopping Experience!

If you’re reading this blog, then you know that PCH is about the fun and excitement of entering to win incredible prizes. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 60 years, with over $387 million in prizes awarded to date. Congratulations to all of you winners out there! But today I want to give a […]


As they say, all good things must come to an end. And Giveaway 8035 is no exception! You may have entered this giveaway in the past to win anywhere from $100,000 all the way up to a cool $1 Million. You may have played a fun game, like rubbing a genie’s lamp or shopping down […]

What Doors Would Winning Open For You?

What Doors Would Winning Open For You? We hear from our fans all the time that they are in it to win it for some very important reasons. They truly want to help themselves and their family to have better lives. That could mean paying off medical bills, getting out from under debt, helping their […]

PCH Merchandise Helps Make Summer In The Kitchen Easier!

If you’re like me, the less time spent in the kitchen on a hot summer day the better. Whatever makes it easier for me to get the meal out of the kitchen and onto the table is what makes my day.  Today I’d like to share some great items from our PCH merchandise lineup that […]