Be Sure To Get On The FINAL Winner Selection List!

What’s this? And how do I get on it? If you have ever wondered what it means to get onto the PCH Winner Selection list, I’m here to clarify it for you. And once I’ve done that, you should realize that, YES, you want to get onto it! What Is It? The Winner Selection List […]

It’s The Final Call For Giveaway #8800!

It’s been an exciting run for Giveaway #8800. Yes sir, it’s been in the spotlight in one show-stealing winning moment after another, as it delivered excitement and joy to lucky winners around the country. It’s seen plenty of drama — awarding five lucky winners with a cool $1 Million prize in second chance drawings (after […]

Did You Receive A PCH Notice With An Activation Code Inside?

Just a heads up to all of you blog readers out there! Be on the lookout for a special notice in your mailbox pictured above. It could mean a chance to win some fast cash if you find one! Be sure to open it up! Inside you’ll find a Gold Prize Ticket that looks like […]

Prize Day Reminder: Quitters Never Win!

Earlier today we announced our newest $1 Million winner! I hope you all got in on the excitement of PCH Prize Day when we posted “Clues From The Road” in this morning’s blog. And, of course, there were plenty of posts on our facebook page  from the Prize Patrol to keep you all up to […]

Grab Winter Shopping Deals With Our PCH Merchandise Lineup

Sometimes in the dead of winter I wish I were a bear. That way I could just hibernate and sleep through all of the cold, the snow, the slush, the darkness, the gray … up until the time when things start to thaw and spring arrives. But how can I sleep when there’s plenty of […]

TOP 7 Reasons To Read The PCH Blog!

If you visit here daily to read the PCH Blog, you already know how informative, fun and entertaining it can be. If you’re here for the first time — by all means read on! You’ll find out why our loyal fans keep growing in number, and why they keep coming back daily for more! I’ve […]