Are You Looking to Retire Early?

Do you ever think about retiring early? There just never seems to be enough time in the day to work, to run errands, AND to do all you wish you could do. If only you could retire and chase down your dreams. Unfortunately, you need quite a bit of money saved up before you can […]

Play Keno For Free at Publishers Clearing House!

Do you like casino games? Do you get excited when you see a keno card? What if I told you that there was a place for you to play keno for free — ALL DAY? Not only that, but this place has a live keno drawing every twenty minutes! Interested? Good! Then check out the all-new […]

3 Scam Safety Tips: “I Received A Friend Request From The PCH Prize Patrol!”

If you recently logged on to your social media and said, “I received a friend request from the PCH Prize Patrol,” it’s important to know that NO, you did not. I know how excited you feel when you receive new notifications on social media. It’s always fun to see that you have a new friend […]

Did You Win Cash or Prizes In October from PCHSearch&Win?

October is ending, which means three things: it’s finally starting to feel like fall in New York … it’s time for the Month in Winning from PCHSearch&Win… and just about everything edible seems to come in pumpkin spice flavor. Now this might be blasphemous for some of you, but I hate pumpkin spice. I don’t […]

Motivational Monday: Will You Think Positively?

Mondays could be rough, especially after your name wasn’t the one on our latest “Big Check”. I hope you were happy that a fellow PCH fan won, but I understand how you could feel a little down that it wasn’t you. So I’m writing this Motivational Monday to implore some of you discouraged fans to […]