Win $25,000 To Make Gas And Grocery Bills Go AWAY!

Hello, my friends! Are you getting “sticker shock” at the gas pump? Although gas prices aren’t as astronomical as they were 6 years ago, we’re watching them steadily creep up — up to $3 per gallon here on Long Island NY, where everything seems to be more expensive. For many of us nationwide, having a […]

I Wish I Could Travel To ______.

Where have you always wanted to travel? Now’s a good time to really think about it … because Publishers Clearing House is about to award a tremendous prize that could make virtually ANY travel dream come true: $1,000,000 paid at once, followed by a lifetime of weekly $1,000 checks! Would you LOVE to travel to […]

Who Would You Be Most Excited to Open The Door To?

WHO, my PCH pals? Bear with me now … and close your eyes and think … The front doorbell rings … or there’s a knock at the front door.  Who would you absolutely LOVE to see when you open the door? Would you love to open the door to a family member or a special […]

Tell us about your personal “WINspiration”!

Dear PCH Friends, you always inspire US with your spirit and determination to keep the faith and keep on entering to win our amazing FREE prizes — including the prize we guarantee to award in weeks: $1,000,000 Plus $1,000 A Week For Life.  What’s inspiring YOU to go for $1,000,000 Plus $1,000 A Week For […]

What bills would you pay off first?

Is there one bill – or two or three — in particular that you absolutely HATE seeing in your mailbox?  Bills you’d like to just pay off and not even THINK about anymore? Well, we at Publishers Clearing House guarantee to award a prize in weeks that could help you pay off all your bills […]

Imagine Never Having to Work Again!

NEVER WORK AGAIN! Imagine … the alarm goes off, and it’s a cold gray Monday morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to switch OFF the alarm, turn over and sleep until you’re READY to get up? Or if you’re an “early riser,” how about starting a day you’d spend exactly as you please? There would be […]