It’s almost winter. Dreaming of your best beach vacation?

Wow, Thanksgiving is in just days — can winter be far behind?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to escape the chilly winds and dig your toes into the warm sand of a beautiful, sun-drenched beach?  Come on … let’s find the perfect beach for you! Let’s go beach-combing. Can you picture yourself on these beach vacations? […]

It’s Halloween at PCH — and our Prize Patrol’s ready to roll!

So it’s Halloween, and I’m writing my blog It ain’t a fit night for man, ghost or dog But the Prize Patrol did from their van arise And suddenly NOT to my surprise They put a big BIG Check in their Prize Patrol van Cause nothing stops their delivery plan Though werewolves and witches may […]

Activate your Activation Code at to go for a HUGE PRIZE!

HELLO, MY FRIENDS … Did you receive a special “snap pack”-style PCH Notice in the mail? It looks like the one pictured above.  Good!  FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS BELOW and you’ll activate an entry for an historic PCH SuperPrize: $2,600,000 up-front (that’s Win For Life payments for the past 10 years) plus $5,000 A Week For […]

Ways YOU Could Spend $1,000 A Day For Life (That Means EVERY Day)!

PCH pals, I’ll start out by saying that I’m sure you’d need NO help spending your fortune if you won $1,000 A Day For Life in our October 13th “Special Early Look” Prize Event. But, with this PCH prize day so close, I want you to really think about how your entry right now could wind […]


Hello, my friends! Do you love watching those cool home makeover shows on TV, where designers and contractors descend on someone’s house like a SWAT team … and leave the place so gorgeous and transformed, the owners scarcely recognize it? Well here’s your chance to make that same “miracle” happen at your house — by […]

What Could YOU do with $1,000.00 A Day For Life? Need suggestions?

I know, I know … if you win our Special Early Look event on October 13th, you’d have NO trouble figuring out how to spend $1,000 checks arriving each and every day for life! But! Just for fun and to get you really thinking about winning all that money — and to inspire you to […]