Who Wants A Visit From The Prize Patrol On Friday?

“There they go, out the door again!” You hear that pretty often around the Publishers Clearing House offices when people talk about the Prize Patrol! Seriously, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve walked over to Danielle or Howie’s desks only to find a note that says “Out On Prize Patrol – Be Back […]

It’s Easy Being Green on This Week’s Episode of Inside PCH!

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another LIVE episode of Inside PCH! Inside PCH is our weekly Facebook show, where the Prize Patrol gives you chances to win real money and prizes right on the spot! With all of this money being given away, it should come as no surprise that one of […]

Spider Solitaire Will Really Suit You!

You’ve played Spider Solitaire before, right? If you have, you know it’s one of the greatest solitaire games around! Whether you play an easy Spider Solitaire single suit game or a more challenging 4 suit game, you’re in for a web of fun! The goal of the game is to make sure all four of your […]

The Prize Patrol Looks Back On Their PCHlotto PowerPrize Winner!

Have you heard about the Prize Patrol’s recent PowerPrize giveaway, where they awarded our PCHlotto prize of $4,978,632.00? We always award a lot of money at Publishers Clearing House, but I love it when our PCHlotto prize giveaway amounts are this big! We’ve been talking about this fantastic prize award for a while, and we’re […]

Win Money Towards a High-End Laptop!

If you want a chance to become a winner in a top of the line laptop giveaway, you’ll want to read this blog in its entirety! There’s more on that, and how it ties into winning at Publishers Clearing House, in just a minute! Keep reading! Have you heard about the Publishers Clearing House Token […]

Today On Our Live Video Show, Inside PCH!

It’s another Monday, and it’s another LIVE episode of Inside PCH! At Publishers Clearing House you know that we give away a lot of GREEN all the time, but to commemorate the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday, we’re going to DOUBLE DOWN with some information on more of our winning opportunities! To loop you in […]