Once In A Lifetime Vacations Are Calling, and PCH Has The Answer…

Where would you like to travel? If you won the PCH Sweepstakes, you could go on some once in a lifetime vacations without worrying about money at all! Take a look, right here, at 5 of the top places you could travel to for once in a lifetime vacations. Bali A Bali beach vacation would […]

How Would You Spend A BIG CHECK? SuperPrize Winners Have Great Ideas!

A SuperPrize of $2.6 Million plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life could be awarded to you on December 22nd during this special early look prize event. Yes, simply by entering to win, you could be awarded a “BIG CHECK” by the Prize Patrol. So, go ahead and enter to win PCH sweepstakes today! What would […]

How Would You Spend $2.6 Million Upfront?

Will you “Turn Back Time” this December? You read that right – the Prize Patrol could hand you our exciting “Turn Back Time” prize this Winter! This huge, life-changing prize starts off with the past 10 years’ worth of weekly $5,000.00 prize checks all at once and then continues to pay $5,000.00 a week for […]

What Emoji Would You Be If You Won The PCH SuperPrize?

Imagine: you’re standing with the Prize Patrol, you just won the PCH SuperPrize, and you want to share the big news with loved ones! Then, you think to yourself, “how will I share this great news with friends and family members that live far away?” Well, you could send them a message, of course!! A […]

October Might Almost Be Over, But Not Winning at PCHPlay&Win!

It’s that time of year again … the peak of autumn! The leaves are falling off the trees and their colors are changing from green to red, orange, and yellow! The air is crisp and calls for a nice warm pair of socks! The pumpkin spice lattes are pouring one by one and everyone is […]

Win Our “Turn Back Time” Prize & Live The Life You Always Wanted!

What would you do if you could turn back time? It’s interesting to brainstorm. Just ask pop music superstar, Cher, who sang a song all about what she’d change if she could turn back time! Much like Cher, you might be pondering what you’d do differently. But since time travel doesn’t exist (yet), it’s important […]