Win More Than Cash With The “Win It All” Prize!!!

By now, you’ve seen all the entry opportunities, online ads, and TV commercials for the “Win It All” prize – $1,000,000 immediately plus $1,000 A Week for Life – and how it’s guaranteed to be awarded June 29. And that’s great! Another guaranteed prize shows just how committed Publishers Clearing House is to be making […]

9 Reasons to Eliminate Your Debt & 1 Great Way to Do It

I’m sure we all can agree that eliminating debt makes strong fiscal sense. However, opportunities to completely eliminate your debt rarely come along. And here’s the really nasty thing about debt – it’s kind of like quicksand. You almost never see it coming, and once you’re in it, it can be very difficult to get […]

Visit the Wild West with Two New Western-Themed Games

PCHgames brings a touch of the Old West with the addition of two new games – Mahjongg Wild West, which you can find under the “Matching” games, and 52 Card Pickup Giddyup, which you find under the “Cards/Solitaire” games. In fact, if you’re a fan of PCHgames – and really, who isn’t] – then you’ve probably noticed […]

Another Guaranteed Giveaway – Are You In It to Win It … All?

Many moons ago, when I was just a boy in junior high school in Springfield, N.J., a teacher told me to start my papers with a thesis statement, or the main point of the paper. One way to do this, my teacher said, was by identifying a key word and providing a definition. With that […]

This Bud’s For You – Our Faithful Family of PCH Blog Readers!

Here at Publishers Clearing House, we’re ever-so-fortunate to have such a diverse and loyal group of PCH fans and friends. However, in the few years I’ve been with the company and writing PCH blogs, I’ve noticed something even more special – all of YOU, our fans and friends – have banded together in an online […]

Are You A PCH VIP or VIP Elite Yet?

Fans of the PCHblog might recall a couple of recent posts about the PCH VIP loyalty program: Top 7 (Or More) Reasons to Become a PCH VIP Why You Should Become A PCH VIP And by now, you may be thinking, “OK, I get it. There really are advantages to becoming a PCH VIP.” And […]