Your Comments Are So Important To Us!

My dear readers, do you know where we get most of the inspiration for writing our PCH Blogs? From YOU, and the amazing things you write in the “Comments” section at the bottom of each blog. What you have to say about Publishers Clearing House is SO important to us. We read, discuss and value […]

Motivational Monday: “Believe You Can and You’re Halfway There.”

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Do you recognize that quote? Those inspirational words came from 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. I guess “Teddy” would know – he led such an incredibly accomplished life – he clearly believed he could. Did you know that when Theodore Roosevelt was born he had […]

The Prize Patrol Has Seen A Lot!

There’s an insurance company running a lot of commercials claiming “We’ve seen almost everything” and “We’ve seen a thing or two.”  You’ve probably seen their TV spots. Funny thing is – we Prize Patrolers could make the same claims in our TV ads featuring PCH winning moments.  We’ve delivered close to a thousand Big Checks […]

Today On Our Live Video Show, Inside PCH!

It’s another Monday, and it’s another LIVE episode of Inside PCH! At Publishers Clearing House you know that we give away a lot of GREEN all the time, but to commemorate the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday, we’re going to DOUBLE DOWN with some information on more of our winning opportunities! To loop you in […]

What Would You Do If You Won Over $4.9 Million Tomorrow?

TOMORROW, the Prize Patrol will be awarding a PowerPrize … and yes, they could knock on your door with a “Big Check” and this life-changing fortune of $4.9 Million! If you won this prize in just hours, how would you spend your newly won millions of dollars?  I Would Buy a Brand New Dream Car! […]

A Fantastic February For Wonderful PCHSearch&Win’ners

What a month! February may only account for 28 days on the calendar, but when it comes to a month in winning, February sure packs a lot of pop! In fact, February was downright record-setting for Publishers Clearing House! More Winners In One Month Than Ever! Yes, that is correct! What February lacks in longevity […]