Let The Games Begin!

Today is the opening ceremony for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games. Anyone else excited? I can’t wait to see the Opening Ceremonies and all the great sports action. The whole world will be tuning in and rooting for their country. I’m hoping that Team USA can finally knock off Team Canada in curling, which has […]

3 Ways To Have Fun & Keep Active This Winter With PCHSearch&Win

Hey PCH fans! Are you getting tired of the winter weather keeping you indoors? If you’re like me and enjoy being active and enjoying the outdoors then winter can be a real bummer. There is good news though fans! There are plenty of fun activities and winter sports that can keep you active (and off […]

Mouthwatering Warm Winter Recipes From PCHSearch&Win!

Hello PCH fans! It’s cold, it’s snowy and everything outside seems gray and dull. Winter is in full swing and while we can sit here and count the weeks until spring, unfortunately it won’t make the cold weather go away any faster. Winter doesn’t have to be all bad though. Actually one of my absolute […]

3 Ways To Cure Those Winter Blues With Help From PCHSearch&Win!

The holiday season has come and gone and once you’ve finished putting away all the presents and eating delicious leftovers there’s not much to look forward to except two long months of cold, snow and gray skies. Now fans, I’m not sure how you feel but winter is definitely NOT my favorite time of year. […]

Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List With PCHSearch&Win!

Since Thanksgiving (and wow … the month of November too!) is behind us, we’re now in full gear for the holiday season. Some of you savvy shoppers may have already gotten a head start on your holiday shopping with some awesome Black Friday deals. I’m happy to say that I’ve already purchased a few holiday […]

Our November winners searched SMART all month!

First of all a belated Happy Thanksgiving — I hope you had a wonderful day, and that you had plenty of blessing to count!  And speaking of blessings, how about cooking up something else to be grateful for?  I mean an instant FREE prize for searching the Web with us at PCHSearch&Win? As you can […]