How Would $1 Million PLUS $1,000 A Week For Life Change Your Life? Here’s 10 Ways How!

How many of you have ever sat there, surrounded by a pile of bills or in sight of something new that you’ve wanted and thought “man, I wish I had some extra cash right now.” Let me tell you, fans, I’ve been there more than once. Life can get pretty expensive at times and we’ve […]

What Would You Spend A Cool ONE MILLION Dollars On?

Listen up fans. Our next BIG SUPERPRIZE is just weeks away and here at PCH we’re so excited to make ANOTHER loyal fan a millionaire!  Imagine the Prize Patrol showing up at your door with a big check in hand? Well, on June 29th that dream could become a reality because we’ll be awarding $1,000,000.00 […]

Financial Security FOR LIFE!

Say it out loud with me, folks…..FINANCIAL SECURITY!!!!! Yup, that’s something you can say proudly for the rest of your life if YOU are to be the winner of the guaranteed “Win It All” Prize on June 29th! I am so excited for the prize in particular because 1) It’s guaranteed to be awarded, which […]

What bills would you pay off first?

Is there one bill – or two or three — in particular that you absolutely HATE seeing in your mailbox?  Bills you’d like to just pay off and not even THINK about anymore? Well, we at Publishers Clearing House guarantee to award a prize in weeks that could help you pay off all your bills […]

The PCH Three Ps of Winning: Persistence, Positive Attitude & Patience!

There have been over 7.3 Million PCH Winners to date, and If you ask any one of them what their winning strategy was, they will most likely tell you the same thing; They were persistent, they kept a positive attitude and they exercised patience. We call these PCH’s “Three Ps of Winning,” and we want […]

SURPRISE! Today is our Day Of 1,000 Winners!

It’s back! Today is our second ever PCH Day of 1,000 Winners event! We had such a great time awarding so many prizes in our first go around that we decided to bring it back. BUT HURRY! As in our first ever Day Of 1,000 Winners, this event is ONE DAY ONLY! If it’s one […]