Good Fortune Fuels Optimism in Detroit…How About At Your House?

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PCH’s $1 Million Sweepstakes Winner is from Michigan!

The PCH Prize Patrol was anxious to surprise the newest $1 Million Sweepstakes winner on November 30th in Grand Ledge Michigan.  We woke up bright and early to gather roses, champagne, balloons, the signature big check, and meet with local Michigan media in preparation for the much anticipated million dollar winning moment.  The way the morning […]

Online Sweepstakes Winner Gets A $10,000 Thanksgiving Treat!

The Thanksgiving holidays are a time for giving, and as the newest member of the Prize Patrol I couldn’t have been more excited to give $10,000 to the Online Sweepstakes Winner Lou Lacerra of Ridgefield, CT!  Lou and his wife Ann were in the middle of doing renovations on their house when their St. Bernard […]