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Does $1000 Prize Winner Owe Win to Buddhist Chant?

Before he was a $1000 PCHSearchandWin Prize Winner,  Richard R. From Nashua, NH used PCHSearchandWin “most every day” for almost 4 years! After being contacted by the PCH Winner Outreach Program, Richard shared his experience leading up to his winning moment in the following story: “A few days before I won the PCH Search contest, […]

PCH Blog Followers – What Do YOU Want To Know?

Being the newest member of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, I am honored and excited to get to know the wonderful people out there who follow and support the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  PCH fans follow and contact us through facebook, discussion boards, letters, and of course through this wonderful PCH blog.  Blog follower’s […]

PCHSearch&Win on Facebook: More Motivation to Search

Ever since Publishers Clearing House has joined the social networking community, we have had the pleasure of speaking directly with fans, and even winners, from all over the United States. They usually tell us about their experiences with PCH and what goes on in their lives. Many even tell us about the kinds of prizes […]

Last Chance Holiday Shopping online with PCHSearch&Win

It’s been almost two weeks now since the Black Friday shopping frenzy took place. This year seemed to be calmer than usual, maybe because people were doing most of their holiday shopping online. Perhaps some of you braved waking up early to wait in the long lines, to then make your way through dizzying crowds […]

The Cam’Pay’N Cashout Instant Win Opportunity on PCHlotto!

Cam’Pay’N Cashout – Will you count-up a cash payout this election season? Selecting who to vote for has always been a challenging process for me. First I think about the issues that matter most to me and list them by importance. Then I conduct some research and match the politicians that are most aligned with […]