Publishers Clearing House and the (Customer) Bill of Rights

For over 50 years PCH has been caring about our loyal customers and striving to always provide the best possible service – and so the Bill of Rights was created – The Publishers Clearing House Customer Bill of Rights! Which reminds me… This year marks the 222nd anniversary of the creation of the United States […]

$1 Million A Year For Life May Cause A Leap For Joy on February 28th!

It May Not Be Leap Year But You Could Leap For Joy on February 28th! 2011 is not a Leap Year; indeed, February 29th will not show up on our calendars until 2012. But for the person who wins the newest Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize this February 28th there will certainly be cause for leaping […]

Like Facebook Bingo Games? Introducing Bingo Charms by PCHgames

For those of you who love playing online games on, we’re super excited to announce the launch of Bingo Charms; the first Facebook bingo game brought to you by the PCHgames team. What makes Bingo Charms so charming, you ask? It incorporates traditional Bingo elements like cards and number calling with new features that […]