Organ Donation Honoree Surprised by PCH Prize Patrol on “The Talk”

Organ donation proponent Carolyn Glaspy received a big surprise from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol when she appeared on CBS’ “The Talk” as one of the TV show’s Mother’s Day guests of honor.

A Lucky Day For Douglas O’Shea

A double lucky day was in the making for unsuspecting Douglas O’Shea when the PCH Prize Patrol safely arrived in Minnesota the morning of April 30th, excited to deliver the $100,000 tax free prize to the lucky PCH Sweepstakes winner!

Introducing the New – More Sweepstakes and More Fun

For a few months now, a small group of PCHers have been busy re-designing and testing the official online home of Publishers Clearing House, better known as has been around for over 10 years and has been the go to source for submitting your PCH sweepstakes entries online. Over the years, the site […]

A Chance to Win Millions and You Don’t Have to Join the Royal Family

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there’s a royal wedding coming up this Friday, April 29 in jolly olde England. For those of us that weren’t born in royalty, PCH provides many opportunities to win millions! According to a British news poll, 86% of British women would not trade places with […]

PCH Sweepstakes Winner Gains Money – The Prize Patrol Gains Friends

Experiencing a PCH Winning Moment is not only exciting for the Prize Patrol and the sweepstakes winner, but it is also very emotional.  Within minutes, complete strangers become friends that have shared a unique memory and special bond.  One of these bonds I have experienced was with Jeff Jones – the $100,000 Halloween PCH Sweepstakes […]

Today’s Featured Prize On the PCH Search Engine is One You Won’t Want to “pass-over!”

If you wanted to learn more about Passover, you could use the PCH Search engine to find information about the history, tradition and religious aspects. And if you so happen to be celebrating Passover, you’d know how hard it is to find things to eat. You can use the PCH search engine to assist you […]

PCH Winners – A Closer Look at Karen Anderson

Curiosity always gets the best of us, so when you or your friends hear about PCH’s Big Cash Sweepstakes, your natural instinct is to search for PCH Winners to get the full Publishers Clearing House winning moment, and back-story. After a PCH Winner claims his or her cash sweepstakes prize, we send a PCH Winners’ […]