Quest for the PCH $1,000 Sweepstakes Grail

Join the quest for the $1,000 sweepstakes grail! As a student in college, I spend a lot of my time on the boundless cyber-sprawl of Facebook. Procrastinating, catching up with my friends and favorite bands, looking around for inspiration on what to blog about for PCH, looking at why my brother has posted that he […]

The Luck of the Irish Delivered to St. Patrick’s Day Winner

Some believe the “luck of the Irish” comes from a shamrock, 4-leaf clover or pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But last week, good fortune was delivered to our St. Patrick’s Day Winner from another source.

Urgent Lottery “Winner” in the UK

Recipients of lottery cash not only pertain to people, but also may include historic landmarks. Such was the case of a church in Haworth, Britain where a church that had ties with the Bronte family was in urgent need of cash to fix the roof. This massive tourist attraction is important as two of the […]

On the Prowl for Purchasables and Prizes

When I shop online, I call myself a modern hunter—erm, well, huntress. I prowl. Prowl through endless sales and deals of the day; feel the excitement when I find a best-kept-secret kind of online shop that offers the stuff I’d love to buy. Exciting stuff! In my experience, I know that searching for the perfect […]

Sweepstakes and Searching the Internet PCH Style

What’s our favorite method of searching the internet and getting opportunities to enter sweepstakes? Short answer: PCHSearch&Win of course! You can use it for all of your internet needs! Long answer: Since PCHSearch&Win is based on the traditional search engine; maybe explaining how PCHSearch&Win fits into entering sweepstakes and searching the net will make it […]

NASA Space Shuttle Retires But the PCH Prize Patrol Is Here to Stay

Unlike NASA’s Discovery Space Shuttle the PCH Prize Patrol isn’t slowing down one bit! In recent news, it was announced that NASA’s Space Shuttle – Discovery, was set to be retired after its final return from orbit. In the total, the 27 year old space shuttle logged over 150 million miles and 39 total missions. […]

Online shopping, Bulls and Bears, Oh My!

After subscribing to Fortune Magazine and reading the February issue, I kept spotting news stories, like this one from PC World, about the economy and online shopping all over the internet. It’s no secret that online shoppers haven’t been as active because of the tough economy but things seem to be turning for the better […]