Play Free Keno Games Online Today!

Are you looking to play free keno games? Make your way to PCHkeno now! There, you’ll be able to play keno games for free all day long! It’s true; play instant win games to get chances to win cash and tokens 24 hours a day! Plus, there are live drawings every 20 minutes… so you […]

Would You Rather Win $1 Million Or The Turn Back Time Prize?

Hey Blog Readers, I’m so excited about PCH’s NEW Turn Back Time prize!  It’s the one you’ve seen on TV where a winner would get $2,600,000.00 – that’s 10 years’ worth of back payments – plus an amazing $5,000.00 A Week For Life!  And it could all start when we take a special early look for […]

Words With A Publishers Clearing House Winner – Fran Chargar

We all know that the Prize Patrol will go wherever the newest $1,000,000.00 Publishers Clearing House winner lives, whether it’s the Alaskan tundra or the mountains of Colorado. So when the latest randomly selected winner was just an hour or so drive from the Publishers Clearing House headquarters, they could hardly believe their luck! Winner […]

Have You Checked Out Free Online Keno Yet?

Friends, Fans, Countrymen — By now, you’ve probably heard all about PCH’s new free online Keno site. You may even be one of the many amazing PCH fans that have showed us that they’re crazy for Keno! If you haven’t had the chance to play yet, you might not know what you’re missing out on. […]

Find The Best Black Friday Deals With PCHSearch&Win!

PCH fans, are you ready to shop ‘til you drop!? I don’t know about you but Black Friday shopping has been a tradition for me every single year with two of my very best friends. You might think it’s absolutely crazy to head out to the stores at 4AM to deal with lines and chaos, […]

Top 10 Things You Could Do With 10 Years of Back Payments

One of our favorite things to do here at PCH is to change lives for the better.  And we’ve certainly done that by awarding some pretty big prizes to folks around the country! In fact we’re ready to do it again with our “Turn Back Time” Special Early Look Prize Event .  Just imagine what […]

Happy Thanksgiving … you’re truly our blessing!

Although we can’t join the fun At your Thanksgiving dinner Know that here at the Clearing House You’re already a winner! You’re what’s kept us all going For our 60-plus years Staying true to our Sweepstakes, We’re so grateful, my dears! We’ve paid hundreds of millions From the East to the West, ‘Cause surprising our […]

You’ll Need a Good Word Search Strategy for this Game!

Hey PCH game friends! As I mentioned in another recent blog, I’ve been traveling the country lately interviewing some past winners! While that may sound like a lot of fun, the long flights can get a little tedious. That’s why I spend my time playing games at! As a writer who looks for past […]

Are You Looking to Retire Early?

Do you ever think about retiring early? There just never seems to be enough time in the day to work, to run errands, AND to do all you wish you could do. If only you could retire and chase down your dreams. Unfortunately, you need quite a bit of money saved up before you can […]

Once In A Lifetime Vacations Are Calling, and PCH Has The Answer…

Where would you like to travel? If you won the PCH Sweepstakes, you could go on some once in a lifetime vacations without worrying about money at all! Take a look, right here, at 5 of the top places you could travel to for once in a lifetime vacations. Bali A Bali beach vacation would […]