PCH-Searching your way to Retirement?

When I asked our Facebook Fans “What would be your favorite combination of prizes to win?” on a multi-prize day, one of the fans said they would want to win a private vineyard! Instantly, I was reminded of a really funny commercial I wanted to share with you searchers – who may be planning to retire or who are in retirement right now.

How many of you have seen the Charles Schwab commercial where the client wants to spend or invest his money in something practical and straightforward? When he mentions something about buying a vineyard, he has this look on his face, as if to tell his current financial advisor “get real.”

But the truth is if you would be the winner of millions of dollars from Publishers Clearing House, it doesn’t matter what you spend your prize money on! Getting real is something we all do, but winning Publishers Clearing House should be an experience akin to living out your dreams. Creating a retirement plan or fund is just one of the things you would be able to do with PCH sweepstakes prizes, which includes owning a vineyard if you want.

While winning an instant win prize from PCHSearch&Win is only one of the giveaways we have, the search engine is also linked up to the almighty PCH sweepstakes! So every time you think that you’re using PCHSearch&Win to enter its instant win contests, just remember that PCHSearch&Win also gives you the opportunity to score big and retire easily with PCH sweeps.

And who knows, if you are using PCHSearch&Win to search for retirement or retiring, which is one topic amongst millions of things you could use the engine to look for, your PCHSearch&Win entry could end up being picked as the matching combo for million dollar sweepstakes!

Oh, and here is the commercial I was referring to!

The “Prize” Queen

39 thoughts on “PCH-Searching your way to Retirement?”

  1. says:

    SearchIngrid for Retirement information

  2. Super prize 4900. so please complete my final step

  3. says:

    enjoying life the way we always dreamed.

  4. Carla M Antee says:

    SearchIngrid for Retirement information Charles Schwab, Which I know about

  5. Jackie says:

    I would be living large with my baby.
    In 2015 we celebrate 30 years. It would be nice to retire with PCH, so we can spend the next 30 years enjoying life the way we always dreamed. 😉

  6. august says:

    play the game with PCH no other

  7. angelajones says:


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