PCHSearch&Win Winner Profile: George D.

George D. from Jasper, IN is a $1000 Cash Prize Winner from PCHSearch&Win.

Although this PCHSearch&Win winner won a PCH prize a couple of years back, we were able to get a hold of him to talk about his big prize of $1,000 !

George G. uses PCH Search&Win for looking for information, online shopping, as well as to access the games he loves to play.

Come to think of it, I wonder if George knows about PCHGames ; the PCH gaming site where you can earn tokens to redeem for sweepstakes entries. Maybe I will contact him again and let him know about the special Cinco de Mayo promotion on PCHGames. It’s just 1 of the awesome events PCH Games users have to look forward to during the month of May 2011.

But getting back to PCHSearch&Win, our instant prize winner George D. expressed how useful the prize engine is. He said that he uses PCHSearch&Win on a daily basis, and gauging from what he uses it for, I’d say he had a “win win” situation – information he was wanted to know about and a free instant win prize worth $1,000 !

And what did George do with his cash prize? If you could imagine, $1,000 goes a long way, and I think George did a great job of stretching it! He says he had some work done on his vehicle, paid a couple of bills, and enjoyed a couple of dinners out with family. Speaking of which, the PCH Winner says that he recommended PCHSearch&Win to others and they use it too!

To inspire you searchers that winning a Publishers Clearing House prize could really happen, I want to give you a direct quote from this PCH Winner. When referring to PCHSearch&Win, George D. said:

“It helped me to believe that there are actually some chances to win after all.”

The “Prize” Queen

36 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win Winner Profile: George D.”

  1. says:

    if ever I Winn he was lucky enough

  2. Well so do will pay bills if ever I Winn

  3. says:

    he was lucky enough to get cash

  4. Well so do will pay bills if ever I Winn he was lucky enough to get cash

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