Ebay and PCHSearch&Win

In addition to PCHSearch&Win, I love using Ebay to search for products, and much like PCHSearch&Win, the whole eBay experience is based on Winning, duh!

I’ve been a winner on eBay many times because of my strategy. But winning on eBay can depend on so many things; including timing and location. And since you’re competing with other eBay users who all want the same product; it can also be a last-minute tossup of internet connection speed.

Nevertheless, eBay is such a remarkable place to find out-of-stock items or bid on collectibles read about in magazines. Speaking of eBay, we have given away eBay gift certificates in the past. Now that I think about it, we just gave away 5 $100 Ebay Gift Certificates on April 6, 2011! The winners of those gift cards not only had the experience of winning on PCHSearch&Win, but hopefully will have the opportunity to bid on things of their choice and have another winning moment on eBay!

Similar to eBay, PCHSearch&Win has loads of winners who score things ranging from instant prizes like eBay gift certificates, to big cash sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House. And instant prizes from PCHSearch&Win vary widely themselves including $1,000 cash to HD TV’s and tons of Fandango Gift Certificates. At the end of the PCHSearch&Win Winning experience we ask winners to fill out a survey so we can bring their stories to you!

In March 2011 PCHSearch&Win winner Melissa B. was searching for news and entertainment and won a $10 eBay Gift Card from PCHSearch&Win! And just 8 days later Delores E. says she uses PCHSearch&Win to search for eBay amongst other things and won $1,000 cold hard cash! Just note that searching for the prize of the day will not affect your chances of winning that prize.

In fact, on May 21, 2011 PCHSearch&Win will be giving away 5 $100 Ebay Gift Certificates AGAIN! Since it’s far away, you can get a  quick reminder by following us on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/PCHSearchandWin which gives you prompt updates and reminders about daily prizes.

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    i really really really want

  2. 6 X ENTRIES FOR $10,000

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    really want to win come on pch i feel lucky

  4. Can I find what I,m searching for on ebay?

  5. Tammy Hector says:

    i really really really want to win come on pch i feel lucky

  6. Steven M. Tucker says:

    3 X ENTRIES FOR $10,000

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