Japan and PCHSearch&Win: Searching, Preparing, & Winning

The events in Japan are tragic; but they also served as a warning signs for people close to Japan and all over the world.

While Japan was one of the most searched terms on PCHSearch&Win, I’m surprised preventative measures weren’t searched for as well. Back when I was a teen, I distinctly remember commercials on the radio warning New Yorkers to prepare a “to-go bag” in case of an emergency. I didn’t really heed the warning, and another tragedy hit, this time closer to home: September 11th.

Even though it was years ago, it’s a reminder how tragedy can strike at any location. Although the events in Japan were acts of nature, the people probably felt the same way. And now that Japan has a nuclear safety situation on their hands, it makes us think how prepared we are if what happened in Japan, happens in the United States.

Both bad and good things can happen and change life in an instant, and it always helps to be prepared for them. Now that we’ve taken a look and discussed that everyone could take away something from the events in Japan and search for preventative solutions in their everyday life, we can talk about the good things that can happen instantly and change your life.

No matter how big or small, using PCHSearch&Win as a search engine can change your life. In one way, PCHSearch&Win can give you precise information about preparing for emergency situations or updates on the crisis in Japan. Another way PCHSearch&Win can instantly change your life is by giving you the chance to become a winner of a Gift Card, GPS, or big Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes prize.

Speaking of Japan, the Publishers Clearing House Executive Vice President Deborah Holland wrote a blog post on the PCH Blog about donating to Japan right after the horrid events hit. You can check it out here,

Just remember how instantly your life can change, and how PCHSearch&Win can help.

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15 thoughts on “Japan and PCHSearch&Win: Searching, Preparing, & Winning”

  1. No matter how big or small

  2. says:

    want us to live a better life.

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  4. Myrtharyn says:

    We are definitely sorrowful but we know that we have no control over, the situation there in Japan. But we know that all things work together for good of those that love the Lord. And He will work them out. The Lord is trying to get our attention, and want us to live a better life. Hopefully, we will begin to heed His warning.

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