$1,000.00 Mother’s Day Winner Was From Puerto Rico

This past Sunday was a special day for all of the Moms out there with the celebration of Mother’s Day. We all were reminded of how important our mothers are, not only because they brought us into the world, but because they taught the many life lessons that made us who we are today. Judging from the many comments on the PCH Facebook fan page, there’s no question that our fans love their mothers dearly. I personally learned that a mother can mean different things to different people. For example, Leslie, a PCHblog writer, shared a personal childhood story on the PCHblog where she found out that a friend’s father acted as her mother because she no longer had a “physical” Mom in her life. In the post, Leslie then quotes her own mother as saying, “A mother is not always a woman who brought you into the world. A Mom could be any person who is close to you, who raises you, who loves you, who is always there for you and who will always be there for you in good times and bad.” Talk about food for thought!

For one PCHSearch&Win user, the Mother’s Day weekend was surely one that he will remember for a long time. Apart from celebrating Mother’s Day with his mother, or as we just learned whomever he considers to be his mother, Herbert R. was the proud recipient of the exclusive $1,000.00 prize from PCHSearch&Win. A fun fact about Herbert is that he’s also a resident of Puerto Rico, which has an average year round temperature of 82 degrees. Now that’s what I call living in paradise, especially after the bitter cold winter we just went through here in New York!

Interested in learning more about Puerto Rico? Well look no further than PCHSearch&Win where searching gets you chances to win great prizes in addition to the information you’re looking for. You could even win a Big Cash prize just like Herbert did!

Frank @ PCh

93 thoughts on “$1,000.00 Mother’s Day Winner Was From Puerto Rico”

  1. Diid hoy travél yo Puerto Rico Samuel acevedo

  2. Soy Samuel acevedo de Puerto Rico beatiful PCH prive

    1. Winner Samuel acevedo PCH beatiful

  3. Vanessa Miranda says:

    Since 2012 I am customer . I am from PR and never win nothing.

  4. Albert Reyes says:

    this is the first time I hear of it and would like to see picture of the proud winner please ..

  5. Rose Freytes says:

    I have never heard of a winner in Puerto Rico.

    1. Roland says:

      I won $5 last year!!! At least it is a start.

  6. Luz E. Gonzalez says:

    Did you travel to Puerto Rico>

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