PCHSearch&Win’s 10,000+ Fans: Prizes Going Strong

Lately, this blog, to me at least, feels like an enormous golden jar, brimming with great news and opportunities for all you loyal PCHSearch&Win lovers. But of course this should be no surprise, since Publishers Clearing House has had lots of great things to announce during these dwindling days of springtime. And today it’s time for yet another bit of great PCH news; yet another drop of announcement goodness to that shining, overflowing PCH jar. Twitter-related goodness, that pertains to the fan-favorite PCHSearchandWin, in fact.

After 2,742 tweets and many-an-arduous -day of working away to sharpen up our Twittering prowess, finally have over reached over 10,000 followers on our twitter account, PCHSearch&Win. In fact, as I write this, our fan count is at 10,403 individuals—oh, and I suppose this shouldn’t be left unstated either: I’ve had to constantly edit this part of the piece before sending it off to the PCHSearchandWin Blog. Why? Well, it’s because our fan count numbers just keep getting higher and higher by the day. I can barely keep up, and I’m almost certain that in just a little while that count of “10,403” won’t be accurate either.

However, I along with all the other folks at PCH wanted to let you know that it wasn’t just the dedication of the Publishers Clearing House team that made this, reaching over 10,000 twitter followers, possible. This wonderful start-of-summer achievement is just as much the work of all you fans as it is ours. You’ve been great at sharing the news with your friends, and, judging by this steady increase in fans, continue to share. So to honor all of the PCH fans for being terrific fans, I’d like to see all of your input for how to make PCHSearchandWin Twitter. What prizes would you like to win? Also, would you like to see other things as well? Perhaps some more casual “Hello’s” to get through those rough Mondays? Anything to keep the PCHSearchandWin better going even stronger, and to keep the good news overflowing.



85 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win’s 10,000+ Fans: Prizes Going Strong”

  1. Reema G S says:

    The $10,000 would come in handy for now. However, I still hoping for the $10,000 a week for life.

    Please, PCH, give me both.


  2. says:

    suenos de conocer a dienlle

  3. says:

    nunca pierdas la fe en tu

  4. says:

    bonus cash must be awarded

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