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Welcome to PCHSearchandWin, where your search possibilities are endless . There’s never limit on how many searches you can do at search.pch.com. We’re there for you when you need to search for important information, or even when you’re just bored and doing crazy word searches to entertain yourself!  When you search – for anything really, not just crazy words —  you get  chances  to win cash prizes instantly! Plus, you could receive an entry into Publishers Clearing House life-changing, big money sweepstakes with your first daily search.

Imagine what it would be like to become a Publishers Clearing House millionaire simply because you received an entry from doing something you do every day – search the internet – at PCHSearchandWin. If you became a millionaire you could hire your own magirist and buy lots of curwhibbles! Huh? Magirist? Curwhibbles? What do these mean? No, a magirist is not a magician – it’s a good cook! And, even though curwhibbles sounds like cute little furry animals, they’re what we call thing-a-ma-jigs or a watcha-ma-call-its. Guess where I found these crazy words? That’s right: PCHSearchandWin!

Now, here’s a sentence that will really leave you perplexed: As I was obambulating discalced, I found the ground was calescent. If you already know what that sentence means, more power to you – you must be a Scrabble® champ! If you don’t know, but you want to, get over to PCHSearchandWin and do your own crazy word search! Here are a few more kooky words I found on PCHSearchandWin that really might jumble your brain – festuceous, ergophobia, pandiculation and floccinaucinihilipilification. Whatever you do, do not ask me to pronounce the last one! And, although it sounds like the result of a chemistry experiment gone wrong, it really means “to establish or state that something has no value.”

Speaking of value, PCHSearchandWin has enormous value. You can search the internet for anything you want, even crazy words! Plus, you have the opportunity to win instant cash prizes! And, while you’re obambulating (no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the U.S. Commander in Chief – it means to wander about) you can take us with you! PCHSearchandWin is available on your mobile devices. So while you’re out and obambulating, you still have access to a powerful search engine and you won’t miss out on any opportunity to win great prizes!

Did you find the meaning of festuceous, discalced or calescent yet? What about ergophobia – is it a fear of the word ergo? — or pandiculation – something having to do with pandas, maybe? Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry over to PCHSearchandWin to search for them or anything you choose. While you’re there, do your own crazy word search and let me know what you find. You can leave the words and meanings in the comments section below.

Remember to make search.pch.com your homepage so you have easy access to search for whatever you want, whenever you want! When you search at PCHSearchandWin , you have  chances  to win instant prizes! And, if you win a big Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes with an entry from PCHSearchandWin, you won’t have to moil anymore and be forswunk! What do these words mean?  You know what to do!

Have fun crazy word searching!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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  2. Search a Crazy Word and Maybe Win a Prize!

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