PCHSearchandWin – Someone’s Coming…Who, Who, Who Can It Be?

PCHSearchandWin has a new member who will soon be joining the famous Prize Patrol team! But, if I told you who it is right now, that would spoil all the fun. So, let’s play a little guessing game and see if you can figure out “who” it is by the middle of this blog. Ready, set, let’s play…

Our new team member can rotate his head as much as 270 degrees in either direction! His kind can be found in all regions of Earth except Antarctica, most of Greenland and some remote islands. He is rather nocturnal, but he helps to award prizes on the PCHSearch&Win website all day, morning and night, 7 days a week! Hmmm…who, who, who can it be? Any guesses yet?

He is very wise and possesses the same IQ as Albert Einstein. He can show any searcher how to use PCHSearchandWin to maximum capability. He stays calm, cool and collected when searchers have tough questions and knows that the answers can often be found using the PCHSearch&Win search engine.

He gets very excited thinking about PCHSearch&Win searchers winning cash and prizes instantly every day. Sometimes he can hardly contain himself and is given to “flying” around PCHSearchandWin! His eyes are so big that he’s always on the “look out” for PCHSearchandWin searchers, ready to award the next prize.  Know who it is yet? Okay, I’ll tell you! Drum roll, please…

PCHSearchandWin is proud to introduce Edwin the Owl, our new PCHSearchandWin  mascot! Besides helping out the Prize Patrol and possessing all of the outstanding character traits mentioned above, Edwin is cute, lovable, extremely intellectual and eccentric. He will tell you about sweepstakes opportunities, chances to win cash and other prizes Publishers Clearing House and PCHSearchandWin awards! He’ll give you PCHSearch&Win daily “Fun Facts” and instruction on using PCHSearchandWin to find all of the information, news, websites and anything else you want to know. Let’s hear it for Edwin – Go, Edwin!!

Remember, friends and loyal PCHSearch&Win searchers — search.pch.com is a powerful search engine that works just like Google but with a unique twist – you could win cash and prizes instantly for doing what most everyone does every day – search the internet! And, Edwin knows that you should never just search the internet when you could search…and win!

I just love that little owl and I’m sure you will, too! Besides his great advice, Edwin will bring a smile to your face every single day! So,  along with getting answers to all the questions you have and maybe winning cash and prizes instantly, you’ll have Edwin to keep you company during your searching and, hopefully, winning! Why not do a little searching now? Simply look for more interesting information about owls, or anything else for that matter. And make sure to go to PCHSearchandWin many times during the day and keep your own “look out” for Edwin. He may be waiting with a special Message!

Here’s to searching and Edwin–ning!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

113 thoughts on “PCHSearchandWin – Someone’s Coming…Who, Who, Who Can It Be?”

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  6. Vicki Weaver says:

    Yea!! Edwin is coming!!!

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  9. I would be honored if you came to my door.It would better our life for ever.

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