Celebrate PCHSearch&Win Prizefest … and World Wide Web Day!

Happy Monday!  It’s August 1st and we’re excited to kick off another week of PCHSearch&Win Prizefest fun!

Before I reveal some of this week’s incredible instant prizes, I’d like to let you know that today is World Wide Web Day! Since you’re reading this blog online, I’m guessing you’re probably a fan of the internet ― I know I am! There’s so much to love about the web, like:

Keeping connected with friends and family!
Instant access to music, movies and games!
And (my personal favorite) information at your fingertips … and chances to win at PCHSearch&Win!

Who needs newspapers, cookbooks or encyclopedias?  Now thanks to search engines like PCHSearchandWin, you can find out anything you want to know in seconds! I’m talking news, community events, movie listings, recipes and so much more.

And the best part is, when you use PCHSearch&Win, you get an  entry for a Millionaire-Making SuperPrize® with your first search of the day. PLUS, you have the chance to win exciting prizes on the spot! Yes, there’s a new Prizefest EVERY WEEK filled with lots of new chances to win. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here are some of this week’s PCHSearch&Win Prizefest highlights:

Today a lucky searcher will win $1,OOO.OO Fast Cash! Imagine winning A GRAND just for searching the internet!

Then, PCHSearch&Win will award another BIG CASH PRIZE on Wednesday, August 3rd, as a lucky searcher wins $5OO.OO! You could use that to pay your bills!

Later this week, we’re pulling out all the stops with A Winner Every 10 Minutes on Friday, August 5th and A Winner Every 15 Minutes on Saturday, August 6th!

So why not get searching and celebrate PCHSearchandWin Prizefest and World Wide Web Day today … and every day!

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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