PCH Searchers, Are You Ready to Find Big Checks?

Hey searchers, I’ve got a proposition for you! PCHSearchandWin users have a great skill – searching! You guys use PCHSearch&Win every day to answer all of your questions, find information, and research your favorite topics. Do you want to search in a different way?

The PCH Facebook Fan page is hosting a Scavenger Hunt! The Prize Patrol needs help finding a Big Check every week… and all of you are the perfect people to find them!

When you visit the Facebook Fan page, click the “Help Prize Patrol” button on the left, and you will be brought to the Scavenger Hunt. Each week, a Big Check will be hidden on any of Publisher Clearing House’s many websites – Facebook Fan pages, pch.com, PCHSearchandWin, PCH games, maybe even this blog! Every Wednesday, stop by the PCH Facebook Fan page to see the weekly question and a clue.

When you find the Big Check, it will have the answer to the weekly question. For example, if the weekly question is “What is the name of the PCHSearchandWin mascot?,” the Big Check will say “Edwin, the search owl.” Once you’ve found your answer, head back to the PCH Facebook Fan page and enter the answer, your name, and your email.

I’m sure you’re wondering why the Prize Patrol wants to find these checks. To give out prizes, of course! Once a week, two lucky searchers with the right answer will win $50.00. On top of that, a searcher who has helped the Prize Patrol for all four weeks and submitted all four answers will be randomly selected to win $500.00! All of that money just for helping out your friends in the Prize Patrol!

So what are you waiting for? It’s Wednesday – the question and the clue are up on the Facebook Fan page TODAY. Head on over there, and then get searching. If you want to look for PCH websites, why not search for them at search.pch.com? Hey, you never know, the Big Check might be there anyway!

Happy searching!

Laura Wolfe

PCH Social Media

P.S. MORE GREAT NEWS!!!  Search today – DOUBLE your $100,000.00 CASH PRIZE winning opportunity with 2x BONUS entries into Giveaway No. 1553. Wow, that’s a HUGE chunk of CASH to win, just for searching!

Hurry — Search! Play! And maybe you will win BIG!

85 thoughts on “PCH Searchers, Are You Ready to Find Big Checks?”

  1. michael lane says:

    100,000,00 big check

  2. Leslie C. says:

    I been waiting for this big check $100,000 check

  3. searching for checks for opportunity to win pch prize/s.

  4. Teresa Johnson says:

    I’m a pch searcher I’m ready to find The Big Check! Lucky.

  5. says:

    yes i am ready to win big check

  6. says:

    i am ready to win big check on pch

  7. mary oseguera says:

    yes i am ready to win big check on pch

  8. House Winner says YES Yes Yes I want to win

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