This Week’s Prizefest Shakes Things Up With Cash!

The inspiration for this week’s PCHSearchandWin instant win Prizefest news comes courtesy of the EARTHQUAKE that was felt in the Northeast this past Tuesday.

Just about everyone here at PCH experienced the earthquake. Some felt the ground shake, while some saw objects on desks and walls shimmy. When the earthquake occurred, it set off a fire alarm in the building and everyone had to exit until security was able to confirm there was no fire hazard. But don’t worry. The earthquake and fire alarm did not stop us from providing you with the chance to win some exciting prizes that will hopefully SHAKE UP YOUR WEEK!

This week folks will TREMOR with joy because they have the chance to win cash prizes and more at PCHSearch&Win. Keep an eye out for all these opportunities:

August 29th –$500.00 cash to help pay your bills (or have some SEISMIC fun if you win the cash)

August 30th –5 $100.00 cash prizes

August 31st – cash awarded all day long, it’ll be one AFTERSHOCK of cash after another

September 1st – a winner every hour, that’s good VIBRATIONS

September 2nd – $25.00 Instant Cash Prize winners plus cash prizes ALL DAY LONG will have winners FEEL THE EARTH MOVE

September 3rd — $500.00 CASH FOR BILLS Giveaway, that’s a 6.0 on the “RICHTER” Scale

September 4th –$50.00 Cash Prizes, you can’t find FAULT with instant cash

At this time of year – with kids going back to school and with fall clothes to buy –extra cash could come in very handy! What would you do with some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket? A pair of hiking shoes so that you can take walks enjoying the fall foliage? Books to keep you busy when the weather turns colder? Escape for a weekend getaway? One thing is for sure, I’m sure you would have fun with extra cash in your wallet!

An earthquake at PCHSearchandWin? No problem! Absolutely nothing is going to stop us from MOVING THE EARTH to get folks like you more opportunities to win instant prizes!

Happy Searching!

Elliott M.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. You’re running out of time to enter this week’s “Help Prize Patrol” game on the PCH Fan page. Enter your name, email, and the answer on the Lucky Check below for a chance to win cash prizes!

61 thoughts on “This Week’s Prizefest Shakes Things Up With Cash!”

  1. Please enter me to Win $500.00 To Pay Your Bills Sweepstakes!

  2. says:

    WANT TO WIN $500.00

  3. says:

    Would love to have $500.00 to pay bills

  4. says:

    I WANT TO WIN $500.00 FOR MY BILLS! !!!

  5. YES I WANT TO WIN $500.00 FOR MY BILLS! !!!

  6. Marie Barry says:

    Would love to have $500.00 to pay bills. Need the money really bad! Have over 46K on credit cards and no job! Need help badly!

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