Fall Into Fun With PCHSearch&Win!

The leaves have not started changing yet in Port Washington, New York — but fall is here! Kids are back in school and the temperature is dropping.

I love living in New York during the fall season because there’s so much to do. There are hiking trails to see the fall foliage … apple picking … “Haunted House” tours … Farmer’s Markets with hayrides and petting zoos! The challenge is finding all the fun activities and picking the right one for you and your family.

That’s where PCHSearch&Win came in for me last night. My daughter told me she wanted to go apple picking on Sunday, September 18th. I, of course, immediately went to PCHSearch&Win to see where to go. It had to be a place with lots of variations of apples … beautiful orchards … and have its own bakery! Oh, and it couldn’t be more than 1 hour away.

Time to put PCHSearchandWin to work! I found Fishkill Farms. It has 40 acres of apples in addition to great food (an apple-wood fired grill), Saturday Singalongs & Theatre for Kids. It even had hayrides and fresh pressed cider. But, unfortunately, it was too far away.

But the search result under Fishkill Farms was the perfect place for my family — Lewin Farms. It’s a 1,100 acre, family owned farm that has been on Long Island for four generations. Apples, roasted corn, a farm stand and a corn maze for the kids. Absolutely perfect and it’s right on Long Island!

Looking at all the great fall events I found using PCHSearchandWin, I realized how much there is to do in New York in autumn. But then I got curious about what’s happening all over the country. Using PCHSearch&Win, I found out that New Yorkers aren’t the only people with great fall events.

In Jefferson, Ohio I discovered the Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival. Now that’s something I’d like to see! In New Orleans, Louisiana, I found the Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival. Blues and BBQ — maybe it’s time I moved to New Orleans!

Thanks to PCHSearch&Win I discovered the Tri-State Fair & Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas. There’s plenty to do and see at this fair — but most important, plenty to eat, like Cheese On A Stick, Gigantic Turkey Legs and Deep Fried Snicker Bars! Yum!

With PCHSearch&Win’s help it was easy to see that every state and city in America has an event or happening to make fall a special time of year. All we need is a few moments and PCHSearch&Win to find these events!

So go take a look on PCHSearchandWin and see what you turn up in your town or city. Let us know what you find so others can share in the fun! And, more than anything, have a wonderful September filled with joy and discovery!

Elliott M.

PCH Online Creative

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