Putting PCHSearch&Win to Work

Looks like football season is on the roll!

A few weeks ago, I went to my VERY FIRST football game!! It was in Ann Arbor, Michigan at The Big House, the largest stadium in the United States with an official capacity of 109,901! Now, I’m originally from Malaysia, a country where no one watches football at all.  Over there it’s all about soccer!! soccer!! soccer!!

So, not wanting to look silly during the game, I decided to do a bit of homework before going. Wouldn’t want to cheer for the wrong team now, would I?  So off I went to use the PCHSearch&Win search engine, to look up the rules and to learn all that I could about football. Unfortunately, I could not win anything from PCHSearch&Win as I work at Publishers Clearing House, but hey, that limitation does not apply to you!!! So why not take this opportunity to win amazing prizes while you learn about a new game, sport, or anything else online using PCHSearchandWin?

I also learned from PCHSearch&Win that before a game, there is usually a tailgate party. So, I searched for recipes of food that would be suitable for the party and guess what my sister and I ended up making??……  We made Pigs in a Blanket and Beer Bread and it was a hit during the party! And we got all the recipes from websites I found using PCHSearchandWin.

After the party, my sister and I walked to the stadium and the game was a blast. The experience was incredible, and the team that I was rooting for won!!!  YAYYYY!! And I didn’t stand up to cheer for the wrong team, not even once! But the best part is, my friends did not have to spend all their time explaining the game to me, thanks to PCHSearchandWin.

Although you searchers might not need to learn about or read up on football, you can still use PCHSearch&Win to keep track of your favorite team’s score or to check the weather before attending a game. Did I mention that it rained during the game? I got drenched, as I did not check the weather before heading out! I had no umbrella, no rain jacket, nothing. Haha… But it was still great fun!

So, go right ahead to PCHSearch&Win and start searching! You will be amazed by the amount of information available. Search about a sport you are interested in, recipes, movies, or anything you want.

Use PCHSearch&Win every day! Your next Internet search could make you an instant winner!

Min Min Tan

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