Get Ready To Search … PCHPrizefest Is Here!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Hello searchers!

It’s Monday – ugh! Sometimes it is just SO hard to really wake up and be ready for the week ahead. Weekends are great for relaxation and fun so trying to get back into work mode takes extra effort!

Since this is a common problem, I decided to look up some solutions on PCHSearch&Win! I’ve found some legitimate tips. Here’s what the Internet says: A strong scent can make you more alert. Do not overload on sugar or caffeine in order to avoid the sugar crash. Perform small exercises at your desk. I’m going to keep these in mind today! And if you need tips on how to stay awake – or anything else, for that matter – PCHSearchandWin is the perfect way to find an answer.

You know what would keep my eyes wide open? Winning the PCH Mega Prize! Use PCHSearch&Win to search for your online searching and you’ll get a daily entry to win the Publishers Clearing House Mega Prize on November 30th — $1,000,000.00 PLUS $5000.00 Every Week For Life!!! Can you imagine what you would be able to buy with all that money? You’d be able to treat yourself, purchase plenty of gifts for your loved ones and even donate to your favorite charity! You could even buy enough coffee to keep you awake every Monday for the rest of your life!

While the November 30th Mega Prize is SO very exciting, it’s PCHSearch&Win Prizefest Monday and that means I get to tell you about  all the exciting instant prizes to be awarded at PCHSearch&Win this week!

Today: FIVE searchers will win $100.00 HSN Gift Cards

Tuesday: A lucky searcher will win a $500.00 Travelocity Gift Card

Wednesday:  A Happy Winner Every Hour — prizes include $100.00 cash and $50.00 cash

Thursday: Lucky searcher will win a $500.00 Home Depot Gift Card

Friday : Lucky searcher will win $1,000.00 Cash For Bills

Saturday: Hundreds of Dollars in prizes are approved for award… including $100.00 iTunes Gift Cards, $50.00 StubHub Gift Cards and an iPod nano

Sunday: A Lucky searcher will win a Garmin GPS

All these prizes will definitely be awarded so start searching now!! Look up whatever interests you, whether it’s that gadget you’ve got your eye on or a recipe you’ve been dying to try. Why use any other search engine when PCHSearchandWin has so many wonderful prizes to give away!

Happy Searching!

Min Min T.
Publishers Clearing House

P. S. Don’t Forget! Publishers Clearing House is on TV this week! Have you caught one of our commercials? Please tell us what you thought in the comments section below.

You’re running out of time to enter this week’s “Help Prize Patrol” game on the PCH Fan page. Enter your name, email, and the answer on the Lucky Check below for a chance to win cash prizes!

PCH Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Sueann Perry says:

    I am very interested in winning with PCH

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    cash plus 75,000.00 bonus

  4. hello pch and yes i would like to win 5,000.00 a week for life plus 100,000.00 cash plus 75,000.00 bonus cash

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    Pay off my bills the 1,000.00

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    i could win any money i could.

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