What Should Edwin Be For Halloween?

Hello Searchers,

Normally here at PCHSearch&Win we’re always helping you guys out with loads of instant win prizes and entries life-changing SuperPrizes. Now, we’re asking you to help us!

Our new friend, Edwin the Search&Win Owl, is going to need some fashion pointers with his fun wardrobe for Halloween.

You see, Edwin is planning to attend a Halloween party and he’s not sure of what to wear! He has so many options but he can’t make up his mind! Do you think you guys could lend a hand?

All you have to do click on any of the special links to visit our PCHSearch&Win Fan Page.  There you can check out his fun costumes and “Like” your favorite. But be sure to get your vote in by the October 24, 11:59 PM, ET deadline.

Here are Edwin’s choices:

Edwin, the Search&Win owl

-Boo! That friendly ghost has nothing on Edwin. Should Edwin be a spooky GHOST?

Edwin, the Search&Win owl

-Should Edwin save the day as a SUPERHERO? He may have prize powers…

Edwin, the Search&Win owl

-He may have magic up his sleeves… or are they wings? Should Edwin “spellbind” trick-or-treaters as a friendly WITCH?

Edwin, the Search&Win owl

 -“Booty” has a different meaning at PCHSearch&Win, matey! Should Edwin plunder the site as a PIRATE?

Edwin, the Search&Win owl

-Move over, Dracula! Will Count Edwin rule the night as a VAMPIRE?

Will Edwin choose the costume that you picked out? There’s only one way to find out!

To discover the winning costume, go to PCHSearch&Win on Halloween, October 31st. When you search, the winner will be revealed.

AGAIN! Be sure to get your vote in on time before the October 24, 11:59 PM, ET deadline.

Thanks guys,

Edwin & Matt S.

PCH Creative.

P.S. You know that we give out big prizes to PCH winners all the time but this holiday season we are also giving a big prize to a charity! How can you help? Go to the PCH Fan page and vote for the charitable cause that means the most to you! Once the top three causes are identified on 10/30, fans can then vote for a specific charity supporting each cause. And hey, with each vote you can get a chance to win a prize of $5,000.00! Make your voice heard – vote daily!

15 thoughts on “What Should Edwin Be For Halloween?”

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    got a handsome coat

  2. says:

    big prizes to PCH winners

  3. says:

    holiday season we are also giving a big prize

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    you’ve already got a handsome coat of your own!

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