PCH Blood Drive: Former Prize Patrollers Keep On Giving!

Can you imagine a more rewarding and exciting job than being a member of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol?

Starring in TV commercials … check!
Visiting beautiful cities from coast to coast  … check!
Meeting exciting people … check!
And best of all, giving amazing cash prizes to lucky winners … check!

Eve Fish and Danielle Bertellotti have both been members of the world-famous Prize Patrol Elite and have LOTS of exciting tales to share from the road! I love to hear their stories! Now that they’ve retired their navy blazers, they’re busy in the Marketing Department, bringing you all the exciting PCHSearch&Win promotions that you love … every single day of the year!

When I recently caught up with Eve and Danielle, they were still giving ― but in a different way.  They were donating blood at the Publishers Clearing House annual Blood Drive.

Eve and Danielle were among over 100 employees who signed up to donate blood and give back to the local community. By the day’s end, a grand total of 95 pints of blood were collected which will help nearly 300 recipients.

“It was the first time I ever gave blood.  It was so rewarding to know I was actually giving something of myself that may hopefully save another human life.  It is my way of making sure someone will ’win for life’ ― and it was well worth it!!” ― Eve
“I give blood to help those in need. You never know how many lives one person could save! Plus, down the road you never know what may happen. I may need blood one day so I hope someone would be willing to give to save my life!”  ― Danielle

 Eve and Danielle Prize Patrol

Blood Donation Fast Facts

Each donation of blood can help save 3 lives following component (red cell, platelet, plasma) separation.

1 out of every 3 people will require a life-saving transfusion sometime during their lifetime.

Someone in this country needs a life-saving transfusion every 3 seconds.

4.5 million Americans benefit from life-saving blood transfusions each year
(Statistics provided by the New York Blood Center)

If you’ve been inspired to give blood, why not use PCHSearch&Win to locate your local blood center and make an appointment?  Or if you’d like to share a story about how you or someone you know was helped by a blood donation, please feel free to comment below.

Best Wishes!

Elaina R.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. You know that we give out big prizes to PCH winners all the time but this holiday season we are also giving a big prize to a charity! How can you help? Go to the PCH Fan page and vote for the charitable cause that means the most to you! Once the top three causes are identified on 10/30, fans can then vote for a specific charity supporting each cause. And hey, with each vote you can get a chance to win a prize of $5,000.00! Make your voice heard – vote daily!

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