This Is No Trick, Check Out These Prizefest Treats!

Happy Halloween, Searchers!

Do you have your costume ready? Are you all set to “trick or treat” … or perhaps attend a party tonight? If you need something last-minute, don’t worry! Log on now and search at PCHSearch&Win. You’ll find loads of quick and easy recipes for delicious treats and tips for spooky costumes and decorations to make your Halloween celebration a screaming success!

Did you know that Halloween is one of the oldest festivals celebrated in the world? Or that the jack-o-lanterns, costumes and “trick or treating” spring from customs from hundreds of thousands of years ago? I didn’t, until I did a search on PCHSearchandWin.

In many Asian countries, including the island where I grew up, the “Hungry Ghosts Festival” is celebrated instead of Halloween — only these celebrations last the entire seventh month of the Chinese Lunar Year. It’s believed that the gates of hell are opened and the spirits of the dead are free to roam. Children are not permitted to go outside at night to avoid attracting the unwanted attention of the spirits! Definitely no “trick or treating” for the kids there!

There are also prayers and offerings of food, lots and lots of food, to the spirits of ancestors and also the wandering, lost souls. At night, there are plays, concerts and shows with artists performing everything from Chinese opera to the latest pop hits to entertain and appease the wandering spirits. But the front row seats at these events are always left empty! Would you like to know why? You can find out by searching at PCHSearch&Win right now!

And when you search today, whether it’s Halloween related or not, you could win instantly! Today’s featured prize is $5OO.OO Cash!  Here’s a preview of some of the other prizes in store for lucky searchers this week:

Monday, 10/31: $500 Cash to Pay Your Bills

Tuesday, 11/1: $1000 Cash to Pay Your Bills

Wednesday, 11/2: 5 $100 HSN Gift Cards

Thursday, 11/3: 25 $100 Cash Prize

Friday, 11/4: 40” LED-LCD HDTV

Saturday, 11/5: 5 $100 iTunes Gift Cards

Sunday, 11/6: NOOK Color WiFi eReader

Wishing you lots of treats … and no tricks!

Min Min T.

P.S. Edwin’s Halloween Costume revealed at PCHSearch&Win today! Will he dress up as spooky Ghost? A plundering Pirate? An amazing Superhero? A creepy Witch? Or a scary Vampire? Do a search at PCHSearch&Win now to discover which costume was voted the winner on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page!

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