Take A “Shot” At Searching — A Digital Camera Could Be Yours This Week!

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It’s a terrific Monday morning here at Publishers Clearing House Headquarters in Port Washington, New York. Fall is in full swing and all the trees have changed colors to bright reds, yellows and oranges. A “blanket” of brightly colored leaves covers the lawn. Colleagues are breaking out old sweaters and showing off new purchases as a cozy feeling takes hold in our offices.

November is also a month associated with bounty, and we got plenty of bounty ready to win at PCHSearch&Win this week!

On Monday, FIVE lucky searchers will win $1OO.OO Macy’s gift cards! Hey, maybe it’s time to buy yourself a new sweater or two?

Tuesday, we’ll be giving away CASH every hour! In fact, one lucky searcher on Tuesday will win $1OO.OO! What would you do with $1OO.OO? Then at 7:00 PM ET even more amazing instant prizes will be released! We can’t say what they are right now, so make sure you stop by PCHSearch&Win after 7:00 to find out!

For Wednesday, a lucky searcher will “find his or her way” to a Garmin GPS! Yep! That’s what we’ll be giving away this day, so be sure to navigate on over to PCHSearch&Win for your chance to win!

On Thursday, someone’s going to win $5OO.OO Cash to pay their bills. Imagine having the burden of paying your utilities lifted for you this month, compliments of PCHSearch&Win!

And on Friday, dozens of Mystery Prizes will be awarded all day! What are we giving away? Heck, I don’t even know but I can’t wait to find out!

The pièce de résistance comes on Saturday with our Featured Prize of the week: A Canon Powershot Digital Camera–perfect for taking lovely photos of the changing landscape as well as plenty of shots of friends and family as the Holidays approach!

On Sunday, Kohl’s gift cards will be awarded all day long. Maybe you’ll get a chance to treat yourself to something warm and snuggly from Kohl’s!

Just a few days ago I had a chat with a couple of PCHSearch&Win Big Winners, who each told me they log on to PCHSearch&Win at least once a day  to make sure they get chances to win. What are they searching for? Whatever! It really doesn’t matter what you search for. A new book by a favorite author. Where to take boot camp fitness classes in your area. A great recipe for meatloaf. Whatever your first search of the day is for, you’ll get entered into the PCH sweepstakes. So search today!

Francine L.

PCH Creative

P.S. What are some ideas to get you searching today? I just learned my babysitter’s free Friday night, so I’m going to check out some restaurant menus and deals in my area for a date night with my husband. How about you?

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