PCHSearchandWin Presents the Mysterious World Of Numbers And PRIZES!

In celebration of today’s unique date, 11/11/11, PCHSearchandWin is giving away instant win Mystery Prizes!

With all the hoopla over today’s date, I decided to do some PCHSearch&Win searching to find out what all the fuss is about. 1 and 11 are just numbers, right? Or are they? Let’s take a look…


Numerologists believe events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence. That’s why some superstitious folks believe that kissing a clock at 11:11 (a.m. or p.m.) will bring them good luck. Others believe 11 signals a spirit presence with the belief that 11 has mystical powers. New beginnings, higher ideals, invention, balance, fulfillment and vision are all meanings of the number 11. Hmmm, so since today is 11/11/11, and there are three 11s in a row, could this be the start of a great new beginning?!

Even in math — I know,not a favorite subject for most — the number 11 has interesting peculiarities. Contrary to popular belief the number 1 is not a prime number, but the number 11 is. And, looking further at the number 11, if you multiply (6 ones), the result is quite startling.

111111 x 111111 = 12345654321

Of course, I can’t reveal everything about the number 11 and the significance of today’s date — if there is one or not — because PCHSearchandWin wants to know what YOU think! Head on over to search.pch.com now and do a little searching of your own. Maybe you’ll win one of the Mystery Prizes today for your searching effort! And, make sure to visit PCHgames and PCHlotto today because the number 11 is very significant when it comes to gaming and lotto! Here’s why…

Contrary to popular belief, Black jack players love the number 11. It sometimes means to double down, but not always. Additionally, dice players love the number 11. It’s as good as the number 7 on the come-out roll. Eleven is also a popular lottery and keno number.

So do you believe in the mystery of 11/11/11? Let us know what you found at PCHSearchandWin and if you won with the number 11 on PCHgames and PCHlotto today!

Good luck x 11!

Ellen S.
PCH Online Creative

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    I am going to search “Nysterious Workd of Numbers and Prizes,My youngest son was born on 11/11 Wow!!

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    I like to finish what I start

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    i might just be typing for nothing but I like to finish what I start!

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    Ijust noticed the other comments are almost a year old so i might just be typing for nothing but I like to finish what I start!

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