So Many Chances To Win – Right At Your Fingertips!

Hi everyone!

Approximately one month ago PCH launched a great new addition to the PCH family, the PCHPrizebar! What is a prizebar you ask? Well I will tell you my friends. It is like a toolbar, but BETTER!  You can install it on your computer and once you do, it appears at the top of your browser. The PCHPrizebar includes a search box and easy access to tons of PCH winning opportunities in one place! It is safe, secure, and so easy to use!

As a former member of the Prize Patrol, I highly encourage you to install our Prizebar. When on the road I was often asked, “How do I enter?” I would reply with the long list of Publishers Clearing House properties including PCHSearch&Win, PCHLotto, and so many more. The Prizebar makes the response much easier now!  This Prizebar has all of your winning opportunities right in front of you.

Are you a fan of searching and winning? The search box is right there when you open your browser!

Like to play your numbers at PCHLotto? The link to PCHlotto is also right there on the toolbar. All you have to do is click.

Want to maximize your PCH entries? You no longer need to think, “Did I get all my entry opportunities today?” because they are all in one easily accessible place! You can not only access PCH sweepstakes entry opportunities, but you can also have up to the minute access to instant prize opportunities from PCHSearch&Win!

Now when the Prize Patrol is out on the road they have a nice concise explanation to answer “How to enter?” The answer is easy! Just install the PCHPrizebar! It’s that simple!

And speaking of the Prize Patrol, they will be out on the road on November 30th to award the Mega Prize to a brand new winner. Have you entered yet to win the Mega Prize? Slipped your mind? Just too busy? Download the PCHPrizebar! It’s quick and easy! You will never miss another sweepstakes entry or instant win opportunity again!

Danielle B.

Retired Prize Patrol Elite Member

PCH Online Marketing

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    I would like to know how to secure a prize number

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