Happy Prizefest and Happy Shopping!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Good Morning searchers!

Monday is here again and we are getting closer and closer to the holidays. Have you done all of your shopping yet? If you haven’t, don’t fret. PCHSearch&Win can help you find fantastic gifts at fantastic prices!

Just last night, I was just thinking about what gifts to purchase for my family and friends. Even though I’ve been buying them gifts for quite some time, it’s not always easy to find the right gift, especially on a budget.

So, off I went to PCHSearch&Win to search for gifts for my sister. After looking around the Internet, I decided to get her a scarf, gloves and a hat to help her keep warm during the Michigan winter. The total amount that I spent on her gifts was … definitely not small. And there’s still a long list of names on my Christmas list that I haven’t shopped for yet. Sigh….

Now, I  wonder what our latest Mega Prize winner, Leroy Faulks Sr., will  be buying his family for the holidays after winning $1,000,000.00 PLUS $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life. I bet it will be something amazing!! So, go right ahead to PCHSearch&Win and start searching and you’ll get an entry that could one day make you Publishers Clearing House Millionaire.

And there are always chances to become an instant winner at PCHSearch&Win too! As usual, there will be lots of amazing PCHSearch&Win Prizefest Prizes awarded all week long!

Monday: $100 Marshall Gift Cards are up for grabs

Tuesday: $100 Cash Prizes will be awarded

Wednesday: A Dell Laptop will be awarded

Thursday: $100 Macy’s Gift Cards will be awarded

Friday:  A $500 Apple Gift Card

Saturday: $150 Overstock Gift Cards will be awarded

Sunday: $100 American Express Gift Cards will be awarded

Now, wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you could win one of the prizes above?  It would definitely help with your holiday shopping! So, make sure to head over to PCHSearch&Win and start searching for gifts, recipes, or anything that interests you! You never know if you’ll become an instant winner!

Happy Searching!

Min Min T.

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    Prize as Part of GWY

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    issue confirm, deposit, secure

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    win this would really be a blessing

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