Meet Leroy Faulks, Sr.: The Publishers Clearing House Mega Prize Winner!

Publishers Clearing House has given away some pretty big prizes over the years. But on November 30th, they awarded one of the most monumental prizes in PCH history … a Mega Prize of $1,000,000.00 PLUS $5,000.00 A Week For Life!

Mega Prize Winner

A Mega Prize deserves a Mega “Winning Moment,” and Todd, Dave and Danielle of the Prize Patrol Elite were so excited to award this mind-boggling prize. But when they arrived at Leroy’s New Jersey home, he wasn’t there! Time for the Prize Patrol to get creative! One of Leroy’s neighbors wanted to help, so he called Leroy’s cell phone and told him to hurry home and sign for a package.

When Leroy returned, the Prize Patrol was hiding behind the corner, eager to surprise him with flowers, balloons, champagne and the “Big Check” … not to mention an actual check made out to Leroy in the amount of $1,000,000.00!

Leroy is a frequent searcher at PCHSearch&Win and has been entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for quite some time. Even still, when Todd, Dave and Danielle knocked on his door, he was shocked! Tears welled up in his eyes and he was literally speechless! “It’s real,” he finally exclaimed!

While all the Mega-excitement was happening, Leroy’s wife Cecilia was volunteering at a soup kitchen in a neighboring town. Leroy called her and asked her come home quickly because he had some good news. When Cecilia arrived, she was so shocked that she almost passed out!

Before long, almost all of Leroy’s family was on hand to share in the excitement! They were jumping, and screaming, “We’re related to a millionaire!”

Leroy plans to donate money to his church and buy his wife a new wedding ring!  Leroy and Cecilia are also so happy to be able to donate to the Donna T. Darrien Memorial Foundation for Sickle Cell, a charity their family started in honor of his niece who died of the disease in 1997.

Sounds like the Mega Prize will help Leroy and his family … and many others, too! “This couldn’t have happened to better people, they are so generous,” said Leroy’s daughter.

What an amazing story! And while the Mega Prize has been awarded … there are lots more BIG Publishers Clearing House winning opportunities to be had! Visit now and get an entry with your first daily search. Please feel free to share your good wishes for Leroy in the comments section below.

Warm regards,

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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  6. Deborra Hilld says:

    You and your family are so blessed and you deserved to win. Hope God continues to bless you.

  7. Congratulation Mr. leroy. You are such wonderful and lucky person to win this Mega prize..It is kind of god bless you.

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