HOT Prizes Are The Perfect Antidote For Freezing Temperatures!

Happy Monday!

Brrr! It’s been downright freezing at the Publishers Clearing House offices in Port Washington, New York. I sit right by the back door, so as everyone goes in and out the cold air swoops through! But I’m not complaining! The brisk air is keeping me alert!

Speaking of staying alert…. Did you know that a popular late night TV host is rumored to keep his studio chilly to ensure that his studio audience stays on their toes? When my husband and I went to see a taping of his show a few years ago, we discovered that the rumors were true!

Something that’s been warming me up is a mural that my 9-year-old daughter drew on the white board in our office when she visited recently. Did I mention that I share an office with two other people? They’ve been nice to let me leave it up this long. Now that I took a picture I guess I can erase it!

Well, enough about me!  Here’s something that might just warm YOU up — HOT PCHSearch&Win instant prizes up for grabs this week:

Monday, January 9th — Today $1,000.00 Fast Cash will be awarded to a lucky searcher!
Tuesday, January 10th — Over $2,600.00 in Cash Prizes will be awarded all day long … with something special happening on the site between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM. (I’m not going to tell you what it is, visit PCHSearch&Win and check it out!)
Wednesday, January 11th — Best Buy gift cards will be up for grabs!
Thursday, January 12th — TEN lucky searchers will win $100.00 Instant Cash!
Friday, January 13th — $500.00 Instant Cash will definitely be awarded!
Saturday, January 14th — $100.00 American Express gift cards will be given away!
Sunday, January 15th — Lucky searchers will win J.C. Penney gift cards!

Which one of these amazing prizes would you like to win?  Keep on searching, it could happen!

Warm regards,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Have you seen Publishers Clearing House on TV yet?

Our television commercials are currently running on stations all over the country. Keep your eyes peeled! Or you can watch them here:

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  5. Diane Outlaw says:

    Another ‘3’ is Before, During and After. Another ‘3’ is Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. I think it is GREAT to work in an office, where your daughter can visit.

  6. Deborah Burciaga says:

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