January’s Ending – But This Week’s Prizefest Is Just Beginning!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

Can you believe January is already over? I mean, wasn’t it just Christmas? Like yesterday? Look around my house and you might think so…

Yeah, so I’m sort of embarrassed to admit this, but my kids and I just took the decorations off the Christmas tree and packed them up (yesterday). And…um…the tree itself is still kind of standing in my living room (relax, it’s artificial!), with boxes of ornaments stacked up around it, all anxiously awaiting to be transported to the basement to “rest up” for next Christmas.

You know, I have this crazy thought. If I could become a PCH Millionaire, I’d move into a house big enough that I could keep a “Christmas Room” decorated year round! Heck, as long as we’re dreaming here, how about a room for each of my favorite holidays! Because honestly, it’s not that I love holidays so much I never want them to end, it’s that decorating–actually, un-decorating–is such an incredible pain the you know where.

Well, I can’t win from PCH, but you can! All it takes is a simple search to qualify for so many exciting INSTANT prizes. Here’s what in store for our last PCHSearch&Win Prizefest in January:

Today is Monday, and the vault has been opened! Today, by 11:59pm, $4,000.00 in prizes must be awarded!

On Tuesday — FIVE lucky searchers will get a $100.00 Marshall’s Gift Card!

Are you hosting a soiree for The Big Game? Get searching on Wednesday when a 46″ LED TV will be up for grabs!

On Thursday, it’s Party Time at PCHSearch&Win, with a Winner Every Hour! ALSO…be sure you’re with us at 7PM to find out what the BIG SURPRISE of the day is!

And the weekend is rich in rewards! Five $150.00 Overstock.com gift cards will be on the table on Friday. Saturday, it’s five $100 HSN gift cards and for Sunday, TEN $50.00 TJ Maxx gift cards will be available to win!

We got a lot great things going on this week. Time to put off your Valentine’s Day decorating and get searching!

Good luck!!

Francine L.

PCH Creative

P.S.  I’m sure all your holiday decorations are already down…but when do you un-decorate? Reply in the comments and inspire (shame) me for next year!

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  1. says:

    Bring win All Gwy No 3080

  2. carla m Antee says:

    Bring win All Gwy No 3080 4900 NBC Event Winner

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