Mary Searched … And Won … And Won … And Won … And WON!

Maybe you’re among the hundreds of thousands of folks who have won instantly by searching at PCHSearch&Win. Or maybe you haven’t won … yet! Don’t give up hope! Real people win instantly every day!  In fact, I’d like to introduce you to a searcher who has won instantly 4 times, including $1,000.00 TWICE!

Meet Mary B. of Florida. Some might call her the luckiest person in the world, and they could be right!

Mary started using PCHSearch&Win in January of 2011 when she saw an advertisement for the site on the PCHgames homepage. Before long, Mary was using PCHSearch&Win for all her online searches.  Says Mary, “I’ve never won anything in my life until I joined PCHSearch&Win.”

Mary first won $1,000.00 on August 26th. During this time, Mary and her husband were both unemployed.  “We were discussing how we were going to pay the next bill coming up, we were both stressed to the max  … right at that moment I keyed my search … and immediately popped up: Congratulations! You Are A Winner Of $1,000.00 Cash or a 42″ HDTV! …We both started crying and hugging each other. We couldn’t believe it. My husband said, ‘See I told you God was looking out for us.'”

Then on October 18th, Mary searched and won $1,000.00 again! “I yelled to my husband in the other room that we had won again and the tears began to flow. We were thanking PCHSearch&Win, thanking God and saying ‘I Love You Publishers Clearing House!'”

And can you believe Mary has also won $5 Cash and $25 Cash from PCHSearch&Win? Wow! Mary says she’ll continue to use PCHSearch&Win and has even recruited family and friends to use it as well.

When asked if she thinks she could win again, Mary replied, “The third time’s the charm! My husband says we’ll take the 42″ TV next time!”

What does this mean for you? Don’t give up! Keep searching! Maybe you could win … and win … and win… and win … like Mary!

Good luck!

Elaina R

PCH Creative

31 thoughts on “Mary Searched … And Won … And Won … And Won … And WON!”

  1. I have been searching & searching. They say 3rd time is Charmed. Will I Win $5000.00 cash PRIZE. This was my 3rd search out of 5. I still believe in miracles. Thank you, PCH&search&win for this opportunity.

  2. Antonia Parham says:

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