Help Us Reach 100,000 Fans! Please “Like” Us Now!

Dear PCHSearch&Win Friends,

Here’s a question for you:

Are you one of over 750 Million people who have an account on Facebook?

If your answer is “yes” then please pay close attention. PCHSearch&Win is trying to reach 100,000 Fans on Facebook and we could use your help! We even gathered some of the team together to try to convince you. See…

 PCHSearch&Win Fan Page

Ok, you might be asking yourself ― “what’s in it for me?” Quite a lot, actually.

You see, when you “LIKE” the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page

1. You’ll be able to enter into a monthly drawing for an incredible $500.00 Cash Prize – exclusively for PCHSearch&Win fans!

2. You’ll get special prize opportunities and contest alerts!
3. You can share adorable photos of Edwin, the PCHSearch&Win Owl, and more!

Does that sound good? Here’s how you do it:

Visit the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page and click LIKE! That’s it! It’s so easy!

Need more convincing? You like PCHSearch&Win ― the only Search Engine with Publishers Clearing House Power — in real life, right? So why not “LIKE” the Fan Page? I’m a fan of the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page and it’s great! While I’m at it, here are a few other things I’m a fan of on Facebook … Publishers Clearing House … my dentist … the college I attended … 80s music … bacon … chocolate … and the list goes on ….

You can be a fan of all sorts of things (and you probably are). So why not become a fan of PCHSearch&Win and enter for a $500.00 cash prize right now?

Please help us make it happen!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S.  Just a friendly reminder that the deadline to enter for a chance to win $1 Million Every Year For Life is fast approaching! You’ll get an entry with your first search at PCHSearch&Win every day, now through February 21st.

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