A Super Fun SuperPrize Delivery for Danielle Lam &The Prize Patrol!

Dear Searchers,

I’m back at our Publishers Clearing House offices after being on the road awarding prizes last week! What an exciting trip it was!

As we travelled to award our FIRST SuperPrize of the new year on February 29th, I posted some clues on my Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page about where we were heading. Did you see them? Did you like them? Did you guess correctly?

I’m assuming that some of my fans had figured out that we were in Pocahontas, Arkansas by the time we pulled into the winner’s hometown.

But before the winner’s identity could be revealed … we had to find him!

With the Prize Patrol sign on the van and local media coming along for the ride, we drove by the address to scope out the scene. We always have our fingers crossed to see a car in the driveway or a light on in the house – that usually means that someone is home!  The Prize Patrol couldn’t be happier when we drove by Jason’s house and saw the front door open – YAY! After a minute of prepping the cameras and collecting our Prize Patrol gear – we went for that knock on the door to find out that we missed Jason by only a few minutes!  He had JUST left with his friend!  Luckily, his wife Audrey came to our rescue and called him. She told him, “You’ve just got to come home!”

While Jason made his way back to his house, we drove around the block so we could ring the doorbell and surprise him ourselves! And he certainly was shocked! In fact, when Jason saw me and the rest of the Prize Patrol with balloons, flowers, champagne and a “Big Check” with his name on it, he was admittedly “speechless!”

SuperPrize winner!

A 29-year-old father of four, Jason has worked on the Mississippi riverboats for 10 years. Typically, he’s scheduled for 30 days on the river and then 30 days at home with his family. I’m so happy he was in town when we came to award his prize … it would have been challenging to try and track him down on a riverboat!

It looks like the Clark family has a bright future ahead of them, with a little help from PCH! Jason plans on retiring from the riverboats and furthering his education. He even mused about getting a new house!

Who knows where the Prize Patrol be awarding a big prize next? Don’t forget to search at PCHSearch&Win every day to claim a daily SuperPrize entry and you never know, we could end up at your door!  You can even use my PERSONAL PCHSearch&Win page to enter today– I hope it brings you extra luck!  <3 to all my fans!! xoxo

All the best!

Danielle Lam

Danielle Lam
Prize Patrol Elite

59 thoughts on “A Super Fun SuperPrize Delivery for Danielle Lam &The Prize Patrol!”

  1. Hello prize patrol 🙂
    I just wanted to check in with you and tell you that I’m ready for a early retirement.
    After the election day, I’m concerned about my retirement plan. All of the years I have been working on my goal for a secure future could be lost.

  2. Brenda M says:

    Hi Danielle: It would be a joy to see you at my door balloons, flowers, champagne, BIG CHECK… KNOCK KNOCK ……

  3. NORA says:


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