Spring 1, 2, 3s Are A Snap At PCHSearch&Win!

Hello fellow searchers,

Spring’s in the air! When I think of Spring, I think of Spring Fashions … Spring Cleaning … and Spring Planting!

Spring Fashions — Yes, it’s just about time to put the coats and sweaters away. It’s also a great time to clear out your closet of anything you don’t wear anymore.  I just searched at PCHSearch&Win and found a long list of charities where I can donate my unwanted items — some will even pick them up and save me a trip! And do you know what that means? Room in the closet for some NEW clothes! A few searches at PCHSearch&Win got me up to speed on the new spring fashion trends (color-blocking, pastels and more) plus some great sales and coupon codes, too!

Spring Cleaning — Oh how I dread it, but I love the results! What’s your spring cleaning routine? I usually start by cleaning all the windows in my house and removing and hosing down all the screens. I just checked PCHSearch&Win for some cleaning tips. This year I want to save money and cut down on chemicals in my home by making my own cleaning supplies using natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and lemons. PCHSearch&Win helped me find some info on that, too!

Spring Planting — If you didn’t plant bulbs for spring flowers like tulips, daffodils or crocus yet, you’ll have to wait for next year! But spring’s the perfect time to get outside and start preparing your flower beds, dividing plants and transplanting.  A few searches at PCHSearch&Win can help you find out what you need to do to get your plants ready for the growing season! As for me, I’m hoping to get outside and move a bunch of Hostas over the weekend!

We know PCHSearch&Win is a great resource for Spring Fashions, Spring Clearing and Spring Planting, so use it whenever you need to find information and websites. Who knows, perhaps you’ll win a prize!  What will YOU be doing this spring? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Happy Searching!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

8 thoughts on “Spring 1, 2, 3s Are A Snap At PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. hello pch and yes i would like to win 25,000.0 cash for spring clean up and plus 5,000.00 a week for life

  2. says:

    very good for the health

  3. says:

    Spring cleaning has begun in my house also.

  4. says:

    want to have their own home so they can live up to good order and also with all the trimmings.

  5. About spring in my opinion very good for the health and welfare of all individuals. But in Indonesia we have only two seasons namely the rainy and dry season (summer). But events like spring here carried out according to the situation at all times (except PCHSearchAndWin no, completely self-financing). Clothing could turn at any time according to the situation. But for the housing situation is not like here, we were able to get together a family of three large families with all the busyness of every day so it can not be as neat here. Several adjacent buildings in a single family and filled with equipment. So do not be shady like here. But the other thing is, if one’s own yard so easy to set up plants and can be filled in accordance with the geographical conditions of their own. So, if I am Muliyani Made with initial MM Giveaway 1830 could win a prize later in PCHSearchAndWin want to have their own home so they can live up to good order and also with all the trimmings.

  6. Douglas Polhamius says:


  7. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Spring cleaning has begun in my house also. The cobwebs that the sunshine didn’t show during the winter are coming down! I guess I am one step ahead, I have already looked for natural cleaning aids. Yes, using PCHSearch&Win!

  8. Kanika Loeung says:

    Spring is coming soon! Spring is make me busy. I have three plan;
    I think of Spring Planting; Spring Decoration; and Spring cleaning.
    Special Goal!

    Spring Planting– I did plant tulips from last year and this year I need to put more soil to make more flowers and more beautiful colors. And I plant more different kinds of flowers than last year. I had a lot of rose that I planted near by an edging or border around the garden.
    In my back yard, I like to plant vegetable such as; green onion, yellow tomato, herbs and some fruit trees, and more.

    Spring Decoration– I plan to decorate water fountain in front of my house and I like to display or hang on any chains or wind-chill that effect of wind to make sound so my house won’t be quiet. Display sign of ” Welcome” and any display garden. And also I like to plant shrubs in front of the old fence instead of to change new fence.

    Spring Cleaning– After too much rain, it’s time to mow the lawn.I have four big threes that grown on top of my roof so I need to clean up all dead branch. No matter Spring and Fall I always clean-up dead branch and dead leaves. To do garden job I feel like exercise.

    My family and I wanted to removal those threes because we always worry when the storm come but we can’t afford to pay for it. If I win $1 Million I will achieve my goal!

    Totally, Planting flowers and shrubs to make beautiful colors. Decorate fountain, chain or wind chill, sign, and do the yard clean it means, it would bring good luck into home and make an attractive to pedestrians!

    If I would have $1 Million, I will spend 1% for design to make more pretty garden beginning in Spring to entire year!

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